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Model: UP-2400-14S-1
UlltraPower balance board for charger UP2400-14S 2X1200W 25A 6-14S LiPo/LiHV Battery UAV Drone Charger Delivery: 1 piece..
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Brand: APD Model: APD-CAP
APD designed and manufactured capacitor bank to ensure your ESC’s perform to their maximum by reducing input noise and voltage ripple. Product DescriptionThe 100V low impedance capacitor bank is designed for the HV_Pro ESCs, intended for setups where the input leads to the ESC from the power supply ..
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Model: wkmmc
Spare Wookong MC unit...
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Model: phs16
The Power Hungry distribution circuit is one of the easiest ways to inteconnect the motor electronic speed controllers with the power battery.It brings a concrete answer to multi-rotor powering by proposing a strong and reliable solution that gives to your wiring a really structured and elegant appe..
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Model: picloc3xprov2
Picloc-3X PRO 6 servo Outputs ( Refresh rates from 50Hz to 400Hz TurboPWM) - Camera control channels can be output by Picloc over the spare servo outputs 3 types of R/C input control (5x individual r/c channels; 1x PPM_SUM; 1x Spektrum Satellite receiver - compatible with all Spektrum radios) 3x M..
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Brand: Mauch Electronic Model: MAU2-013
The Sensor Hub X8 collects the current measurements from up to eight Power-Cube current sensors. The currents are summed up and passed to the Pixhawk flight controller via the Power-Cube power supply. The voltage measurement of the LiPo packs is measured separately by the Power-Cube. An OLED display..
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Naza V2 LED
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Model: djinazav2led
The Independent LED module makes the indication of the flight status and the system status to the ground much clearer. The pilot can get information more quickly and more conveniently, even at night, he/she can get real-time flight information feedback through the LED flashing frequency and colour. ..
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Model: accupgrade
ACC Upgrade sensor for Flight-Ctrl 2.1 ME. With this small board a Flight-Ctrl V2.1 can be upgraded to V2.2 for the installation on the FlightCtrl precise soldering is required! The result is a much more accurate and direct altitude control. Notes For the installation of good soldering experien..
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Model: unibalancboard
Are u tyred to have always problems to have right balance port?No more problems, we have solution for you:UNIVERSAL BALANCE BOARD. Cell Count: 2-6s (7.4V-22.2V) Balance Connector Type: HP/PQ, TP/FP, XH, EH..
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Brand: TBS Model: tbscor25
TBS Core PNP25 The TBS CORE PNP25 is a consequent progression to the TBS CORE, tailor made for lightweight FPV aircraft such as the TBS CAiPiRINHA. The main advantage over the standard CORE is the connectors and supplied cables. No more soldering required to install this puppy. It supplies a (..
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Model: verteilerouadr
This is a power distribution printed circuit board for 4 BL-Ctrls to build a Quadro XL. The use reduces the wiring effort in building significantly. The 4 BL-Ctrl fit right into the distributor board. Also this board distributes the I2C data bus. A Molex-connector can be assembled to connect the Fli..
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