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DSLR Cameras

Feiyu Tech AK2000 Feiyu Tech AK2000
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FeiyuTech G6 PLUS Gimbal FeiyuTech G6 PLUS Gimbal
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Brand: Feiyu Tech Model: G6-P
Specification:Compatibility: Canon M10+15-45lens; Canon G3X; Sony RX0; Sony RX100; Sony a6300+16-50lens; Sony a6300+28-70lens; Sony a6500+16-50lens; Sony a6500+28-70lens;Canon M100 15-45lens; Panasonic LX10; Panasonic GH4; Gopro Hero series; Smart phonethe camera height is recommended not to exceed ..
Ex Tax:245.82€
Brand: Feiyu Tech Model: FY-a2000
The Feiyu A2000 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal offers unlimited 360° rotation along all three axes: pan, tilt, and roll. It supports up to 4.4 lb loads, which includes most mirrorless and DSLR cameras, and features four operational modes and a flat, 4-way control joystick.The handle can be removed and the g..
Ex Tax:409.75€
Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-T3-B
Inherit the dominant technologies of Gremsy T1, we created a lightweight gimbal Gremsy T3 ready to fly with almost mirrorless, DSLR camera setups.This bundle supports you to install Gremsy T3 under M600 easily.Highlight combination:• Easy installation via T1/T3 – Circular Damping• Stable Power via T..
Ex Tax:1,307.00€
Model: m15demo
Special packet of Movi M15, Demo model, used few times on shows - its like new without any scratch on it.All parts have original boxes too.Packet include:1x Movi M151x Movi Rod Mount2x spare M15 battery1x Movi Ninja star plate1x Adventure Kit1x Jason Peli Case..
Ex Tax:5,189.34€
Model: infinitymrsl
InfinityMRS Lite – a universal, lightweight gimbal supporting cameras up to 500g for surveliance zoom / Ir cameras.It weights 390g.InfinityMR-S Lite comes as a fully assembled unit. So just get it out of the box and enjoy perfect stabilization.InfinityMR-S is compatible with the most popular cameras..
Ex Tax:739.85€
Model: HD-IN-MRS2
NEW version of succesfull Infinity MRS, stronger, lighter, better.В В Ready to use, initially tuned out of the box.Weight: 560g without damping system / 628g with damping systemInfinity MR-S2 is a light, powerful, reinforced gimbal for Sony A6500 size cameras. Thanks to its smart design an..
Ex Tax:859.00€
Model: HD-IN-PRO
InfinityMR PRO is one of the lightest gimbals in the GH5/A7S camera size class in the world. Ultra-light and rigid construction combined with a new AlexMos Extended controller and CAN IMU makes it a perfect choice for everyone looking for a reliable aerial gimbal. Quick-release system, slipring..
Ex Tax:1,349.00€
Model: infmr360
It’s been a while since we had introduced you to the new product. So today is that day. Here it is – InfinityMR 360. The previous version, InfinityMR, is used by hundreds of users all over the world. We got a lot of feedback from you guys, and I am really thankful for all your input. We took to hear..
Ex Tax:1,289.00€
Gremsy H7 EcoFly Camera Stabilizer (for payloads up to 3.1 kg) Gremsy H7 EcoFly Camera Stabilizer (for payloads up to 3.1 kg)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Gremsy Model: GY-H7ecofly
In response to meet the demand in mainly using GREMSY H7 for multi rotors, crane, boom,… we release GREMSY H7 EcoFly package. Thanks to removing handheld accessories (built-in stand,joystick.…), Multi rotor users save up to 300$ while GREMSY H16 EcoFly Functions and Features still remain unchanged.P..
Ex Tax:1,475.33€
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