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TBS Fusion TBS Fusion
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Brand: TBS Model: TBS-FUSION
Enhanced analog video receiver module with OSD overlay and capability of Crossfire connectivity Upgrade version (update hardware kit already applied)! A Fusion of the best: The image proces..
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Model: HDZ3500
This VRX from HDZero mounts to the front of your mask and is compatible with all FPV goggles that support an HDMI input. Bullet points ..
Ex Tax:206.48€
ImmersionRC RapidFIRE Goggle Module ImmersionRC RapidFIRE Goggle Module
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: RFIRE01
The rapidFIRE technology the rapidFIRE module is named after "fuses" together the images from two 5.8GHz A/V receiver modules into one beautiful, interference-free image.  Tearing and rolli..
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Foxeer Wildfire 5.8G Goggle Dual Receiver
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Brand: Foxeer Model: MR1622
The Foxeer Wildfire diversity module provides clean and stable FPV feed even in high multipath environments, as well as avoiding desynced "rolling shutter" issues by switching to traditional diversity function when RSSI is low.  ..
Ex Tax:86.80€
Model: WN02-FP001
This Walksnail VRX Avatar receiver module fits any FPV goggles with an HDMI port. With 1080p video return at 60fps and transmission up to 4km, the VRX Avatar supports Betaflight OSD. ..
Ex Tax:215.49€
TBS FUSION - Hardware Upgrade TBS FUSION - Hardware Upgrade
Top Brand Out of stock
Upgraded receiver module board for TBS Fusion. Installation Seperate the top and bottom board of your current Fusion module. (2 x 12pins connector) Install the upgraded board to the top bo..
Ex Tax:11.39€
Brand: DJI Model: djivideorxtx
The new DJI Downlink is specially designed to work with the new On Screen Display module, and Zenmuse gimbal for professional aerial photography and video. With the OSD module from DJI, voltage, altitude, distance to home, and other features are displayed on screen. This will work with either a PAL ..
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Model: minivideo
OneDrone 5.8 GHz 200 mW mini Video TX/RX kit TX Specifications: Weight: 11g Dimension: 39*27*5mm Working Voltage:DC12V Working Current:150mA Working Frequency:5.8 GHz Working Channels:9CH Working Power:200mW Transmitting Range: Min. 500M line of sight RX Specifications: Weight:35g Dimension:69*37*..
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Model: 15fpvpro
1.5GHz 12CH 700mW wireless AV transmitter&receiver1.5GHz 12CH 700mW wireless AV transmitter&receiver Frequencies:1.405G 1.430G 1.455G 1.480G 1.505G 1.530G 1.555G 1.580G 1.605G 1.630G 1.655G 1.680GTransmission Distance(in the open space):Min. 1500m Dimension: 63*40*14mm (TX)Weight:80g (TX)Output Volt..
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1,2GHz/1,3GHz 800mW TX/RX
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Model: 1213txrx
Description 800mW 1.2GHz/1.3GHz 8 channels wireless AV Transmitter ReceiverOutput Power:800mWWorking Frequency/Channel: 1.2GHz ,1.3GHz, 8 channelsOutput Voltage/Consumption Curren:12V/260mA Audio/Video Output:1Vp-p(FM) ..
Ex Tax:80.25€
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