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Brand: DJI Model: DJI-TR-HBRM
DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor The DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor is integrated with a wide color gamut display and image transmission receiver and can be used for monitoring, remote parameter adjustment, and remote control via wireless/wired image signals. When used with the Remote Monitor Expansio..
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Brand: DJI Model: DJI-TR-S
DJI Transmission Combo Preorder, expected delivery September 2022Vision Beyond BoundariesDJI Transmission evolves from the established DJI aerial video transmission technology, delivering an integrated solution that combines a video receiver, monitor, controller, and recorder. It is designed for nat..
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Brand: FeelWorld Model: OD-FPVMON-7ALM-1
Super bright (1000 cd/m2) monitor for good visibility even in direct sunlight.   This FPV monitor is a medium sized 7" screen with a super bright LCD and 5.8GHz 32CH diversity receiver,  built in rechargeable battery. Excellent choice for your FPV monitor, or as a secondary backup screen for your f..
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Brand: FeelWorld Model: OD-FW279
  Feelworld FW279S 7Inch 1920x1200 4K HDMI Input/ Output 2200nit Daylight Viewable SDI Field Monitor for cameras, camcorders and DSLR’s Description:FEELWORLD FW279S provides 7"an 8-bit IPS screen with 1920x1200 resolution, 323ppi pixel density, professional color calibration to overcome natural L..
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Model: HP039-0014
The 5802D Monitor offers a 7" screen as well as an integrated Diversity and DVR. Features DVR function Built-in Dual Receiver for bes..
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Model: fpv8
First True FPV LCD for professionals with no blue screen 8 inch.Sun hood included.This version is pro version with HDMI input and normal input.SpecificationPanel size: 8.0 inchResolution: 800×3(RGB)×480 Backlight: LED Disp..
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Model: 7inchalmiauto
Description:7 Inch TFT LCD Screen FPV Monitor LT5802S 5.8G 40CH LED Backlight Multicopter with Build-in Battery Feature:1. Battery operation state OSD display: RSSI signal; index; channel indication.2. Automatic signal search.3. Support Chinese and English menus.4. Format: JPEG, AVI.5. Built-in dual..
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Model: fpv5pro
First True FPV LCD for professionals with no blue screen 5 inch with foldable hard sun hood. This version has improved picture and 1x HDMI-in and 1x HDMI-out connectors.SpecificationPanel size: 5.0 inchResolution: 800×3(RGB)×480 Backlight: LEDDisplay Horizontal frequency range: 30~ 60 kHzField..
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Model: lcd43tft
4.3 inches (11cm) wide screen with very bright sun visor is ideal use for FPV. The monitor is in direct sunlight and bright fly well enough to be used to safely. Ideal as Live View preview monitor suitable for aerial photography. properties: 350cd / m² antiglare display PAL and NTSC capable 16:9 (a..
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