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We used to say that is new player on the FPV/UAV field. But we are not so new any more ... months are running fast We started in summer 2012 with couple of brands and now covering almost all major brands from FPV/UAV world ... and all missing will be added soon). Well ... not all. Just those which we will find good enough to put it in our selection (our no.1 rule: we fly what we sell). OneDrone is proud partner of Team BlackSheep and one of the biggest distributors of TBS products in Europe (and probably also in the world).

Located in the heart of Europe ... shipping worldwide. Flat rate shipping with 1-4 day delivery within EU countries.

Based in Slovenia, Central Europe ... with all the good and bad things what comes together with being located in EU country. EU customers don't have to deal with duties and importing problems (but have to pay VAT, which is included in the prices). Customers outside of EU (and EU VAT registered companies) see prices without VAT. We ship worldwide.

Let's fly high together!