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DJI Goggles Integra DJI Goggles Integra
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Brand: DJI Model: AR0052433
Explore the sky and enrich your experience with the DJI Goggles Integra! Main differences with the DJI Goggles 2: - Touchpad replaced by classic buttons - Diopter adjustment knobs replaced by corrective lenses - Battery included not replaceable by another model Lightweight and with the DJI design,..
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FatShark Dominator HDO OLED modular FPV headset
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Brand: FatShark Model: FS-HD-OL
SPECIFICATIONS:  Resolution: 960 x 720 (1024 x 800 screen) Field of View: 37° Image Aspect Ratio: 4:3 IPD: 59 – 69mm Weight: 186g Supports HDMI-in @ 1080P The HDO’s OLED display stack produces vivid colors and higher contrast ratios, giving pilots the ability to see better detail under challenging..
Ex Tax:491.72€
Brand: FatShark Model: RECON-HD
The Fatshark Recon HD delivers unparalleled image quality with its 3.5inch 1080p screen. Compatible with Walksnail, the Recon HD offers a sharp image at 60ips as well as a 44° field of view. Fatshark maintains its reputation as a high performance goggle with an affordable price while maintaining ass..
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Brand: EMAX Model: 0114001013
Share your flight experiences even easier with Emax"s first HD goggles and monitor based on the HDZero platform! Designed in collaboration with HDZero, the Emax Transporter II HD FPV goggles use a DVR system that will allow you to record your videos in HD quality so that you can share them. Maintain..
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These Skyzone FPV goggles from the SKY02 series have a 640*400 OLED screen providing an image rich in detail. Bullet points OLED scr..
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Fatshark SCOUT-FPV Goggles Fatshark SCOUT-FPV Goggles
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Brand: FatShark Model: FSV1132
The Scout is the newest Fat Shark product. It is the culmination of years of work to design a high-performance google at an entry level price. The Scout uses a patented panel goggle optical module to deliver a 50 degree field of view (FOV), 1136 x 640 resolution and a 60 fps refresh rate in a comfor..
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Brand: BetaFPV Model: 00313863_1
The VR02 are specially designed for FPV Starters. Specifications Body Dimensions: 126x143x86.3mm Weight: 300g with 2hr 2000mAh batte..
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ORQA FPV.One Pilot FPV Goggles ORQA FPV.One Pilot FPV Goggles
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Brand: Orqa FPV Model: FPV-ONE-PILOT
Here is the novelty of Orqa, the FPV.One Pilot. While maintaining their authentic appearance, these FPV goggles are a pure blend of performance and aesthetics. Thanks to the box located on the front, integrate the add-on receiver that suits you: analog, HD or SharkByte, FPV.One Pilot will be compati..
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Model: HP017-0017
Eachine and Skyzone team up to bring you mid-range analog FPV goggles with 5.8GHz video feedback. The Cobra X have a 4.1" LCD screen and have a field of view angle of 50°. ..
Ex Tax:240.90€
Model: HP039-0013
HobbyPorter"s 800D FPV Goggles feature a high-brightness 5" HD LCD display specifically designed for the FPV race. Bullet points Sep..
Ex Tax:86.80€
Brand: EMAX Model: 0114001011
This complete kit comes with everything you need to get strated in Immersion Flight. You will find a drone, a battery, a charger, FPV goggles, a radio and even some additional accessories ! Look no further, you will not find a better offer to start in FPV !  ..
Ex Tax:107.30€
BETAFPV VR03 Goggles BETAFPV VR03 Goggles
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Brand: BetaFPV Model: 01080004_1
The VR03 FPV Goggles are specially designed for FPV beginners. BetaFPV offers these goggles with a 4.3" screen with a resolution of 800*480. ..
Ex Tax:69.59€
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