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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-GPS2
Used for connecting Here GNSS or Here+ GNSS Rover to GPS 2 port in PH2.1 Only useful when using Here or Here+ as a secondary GPS for Pixhawk2.1..
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-DF17
DF17 Connector matched to the cube.    This item will give you the correct mating height for using the cube in your own projects. ALTIUM PROJECT AN LIBRARY FOR DESIGNING YOUR OWN CARRIER BOARDS    The part number for the connector is DF17..
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-ADSB-CB
Built-in ADS-BThe "Full" carrier board allows you to break out the full functionality of the Cube.This product is made in Taiwan...
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-MCBCS
This product is made in Taiwan.It contains:CAN Cable *1I2C Cable * 1BUZZER Cable * 1MICRO USB Cable * 1GPS1 Cable(with saftey switch) * 1GPS2 Cable * 1TELEM Cable * 2POWER Cable * 1..
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ProfiCNC/HEX PIXHAWK2 to RFD900 Telemetry Cable - 300mm
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: RFD-CABLE-300
Product DescriptionThis is a cable designed to interface Pixhawk 2 Autopilots to the RFD900. The longer length of this cable gives more options in positioning the modem for tidy installations. It makes connection simple, with JST-GH 6 way to, 0.1" pitch socket. Length : 11.8"  (3..
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-IR-SEN
Tutorial for Precision Landing with the Cube: Send technical/support questions to Enhance your UAV fleet with Precision Landing and target recognition features. Attach the IR-LOCK Sensor to your UAV, and place the MarkOne&nb..
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ProfiCNC/HEX IR-LOCK MarkOne Beacon V3.0
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-IR-PAD
Tutorial for Precision Landing with the Cube: technical/support questions to info@irlock.comRELIABLE TARGET TRACKING IN ANY LIGHTING CONDITION- Designed for use with IR-LOCK Sensor- Max Detection Range: 15+ meters- Reliable detection in bright sunlight and complete d..
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RFD868 TXMOD Ultra Long Range Telemetry Modem Bundle
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Brand: RFDesign Model: RFD-868-TXMOD-V2
The RFDesign TXMOD is an all in one long range telemetry data and RC control system.Designed to work in conjunction with any Radio Controller capable of accepting JR Transmitter Modules, the RFD TX Module can transmit the PPM stream from the controller to the vehicle via the RFD868x long range telem..
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ProfiCNC/HEX IR-LOCK to Pixhawk 2.1 Cable
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-IR-CAB
Connect your IR-LOCK Sensor to the Cube autopilot. This cable provides I2C communication from IR-LOCK to the Cube via the Carrier Board, and also powers the IR-LOCK Sensor.  Length: 28cm See Documentation for connection instructions...
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ProfiCNC/HEX HereFlow
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-FLOW
Before using the HereFlow, please download the instruction from 'HereFlow' section on Thank you!..
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-PIX-CAB
Cables for accessories are JST to DF13 cables which are compatible with old pixhawk accessories, such as Telemetry, Power Brick or GPSIt contains: TELEM Cable * 2 POWER Cable * 2 I2C Cable * 1 BUZZER Cable * 1 MICRO USB Cable * 1 GPS1 Cable(with saftey switch) * 1GPS2 C..
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ProfiCNC/HEX Core (Multi-Rotor Carrier Board) Kore ProfiCNC/HEX Core (Multi-Rotor Carrier Board) Kore
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-CORE
FEATURES AT-A-GLANCEUp to 12-cell Lithium battery (50.4V)140A continuous current with 280A surgesPower and signal for ESCs conveniently located in corners12V navigation light power available at each cornerBuilt-in power distributionBuilt-in voltage and current senseRedundant power supplies for ..
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