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Freefly Mimic with Handlebars
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Model: FF-MIH
MIMIC offers precise and natural control of the Mōvi Pro. Using Freefly’s innovative MIMIC technology, the camera automatically and intuitively follows users movements. MIMIC features a long range 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping radio system that provides users access to Mōvi Pro pointing control, status ..
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-A-D
Aevo Damping is designed to mount the Aevo gimbal on various drone platforms including DJI M600, Hyspex Drone, Gyphon Dynamic Drone  ..
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-PSM-DE
The Pixy SM damping extension is designed to support Pixy SM in use with M300Follow this Guide to custom the DJI standard damping before mounting Pixy SM to M300.  ..
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T-motor GL100
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MoVI Pro Pan Mount Upgrade
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Model: FF-MP-PMU
This is an aluminum MōVI Pro pan mount upgrade that replaces the original carbon fiber mount to increase the strength for high force applications (car mount, cable cam use, nose mounting, etc). IncludesQty 1 - Aluminum pan mount Qty 4 - M3x10 SHCS alloy fasteners Qty 1 - Loctite 243 .02oz tube..
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Gremsy T3 V3 HDMI Hyper Quick Release
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-T3-HQR
Gremsy T3V3 HDMI Hyper Quick Release New mechanical and electrical integration quick release with ability to get power directly from drone to convert to a 14.5V power supply, HDMI transfering and more...
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-T3-HQC
Support mounting T3V1& T3V2 gimbals under T3V3 Quick Release (no HDMI transferring)..
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-T7-TBE
Gremsy T7 - 2 optional pieces with the smart design are mounted on the top left and right edge of Tilt, which rises the capacity Tilt height from 140mm up to 170mm. It is convenient to mount larger cameras.   ..
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-T7-DPP
Gremsy Damping plate Pro V2 - New version for T7/H16 New version of damping plate features new rail for easy mounting, lightweight, single aluminium plate to increase rigidity and reduce connection. Come up with 3 types of silicone balls to work with different payload. Suitable for dual 12mm carbon ..
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-P-RC
Rededge camera plate is customized to support mounting the camera to the Pixy U...
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-P-FL
Flir Vue Pro R camera plate supports to mount the camera to Pixy U...
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-P-RX100
RX100 camera plate is customized to support mounting the camera to the Pixy U...
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