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GPS Systems

Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-HERE3B
This combo includes: HX4-06111 Here3HX4-06019 Here+ RTK Base (M8P)NOTE: They are two separated products.RTKMADE IN TAIWAN..
Ex Tax:430.25€
Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-HEREV2-R
his is the Rover module of Here+ RTK GNSS set.  For a complete RTK solution, you will need both Base and Rover modules. What's insideHere+ RTK Rover * 1 GPS1 port connector for connecti..
Ex Tax:270.41€
Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-HERE2-B
This is the Base module of Here+ RTK GNSS set. For a complete RTK solution, you will need both Base and Rover modules. What's insideHere+ RTK Base * 1; Here+ RTK Base USB connector * 1 HighlightsCentimeter‑level GNSS positioning for the mass marketIntegrated Real Time K..
Ex Tax:327.79€
Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-HERE-RTKv2
What's insideHere+ RTK Rover * 1GPS1 port connector for connecting Here+ Rover to PH2 * 1Here+ RTK Base * 1Here+ RTK Base USB connector * 1 HighlightsCentimeter‑level GNSS positioning for the mass marketIntegrated Real Time Kinematics (RTK) for fast time‑to‑marketS..
Ex Tax:590.08€
Brand: RTS Model: RTS-M8N
This is the new Neo-M8N GPS module that includes a HMC5883L digital compass. This module has a high level of sensitivity and features active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna. It also comes enclosed in plastic case to protect the module from the elements. This modules outputs precise p..
Ex Tax:32.71€
Brand: RTS Model: RTS-FC-074
Ublox GPS Foldable Stand   ​Color:  black   Package including: GPS Bracket Stand  x1 ..
Ex Tax:7.29€
Brand: OneDrone Model: OD-ZubaxPixV2
Update 17.05.2016: Zubax V2 on stock.Improvements of new version:- Antenna has been replaced with a higher gain one (it's a bit thicker with the same plane size).- Switched to u-blox MAX-M8Q, which is equipped with TXCO, enabling faster cold start.- Size of the board has been reduced to 55x55mm (the..
Ex Tax:143.36€
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