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15 Nov Zaposlimo: Inženir za sistemsko integracijo (m/ž)
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Inženir za sistemsko integracijo / mehatronika (M/Ž)Iščemo sodelavca, ki bo skrbel za sistemsko integracijo sistemov brezpilotnih zrakoplovov, s poudarkom na integraciji sistemov odprtokodnega avtopilota na platformi PX4/CubePilot s povezanimi podsistemi.Opis delovnega mestaV podjetju OneDrone d.o.o. smo eden vodilnih evropskih distributerjev siste..
15 Nov Zaposlimo: Vodja razvoja / CTO (m/ž)
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Vodja razvoja / CTO (M/Ž)V podjetju želimo sistematizirati področje raziskav in razvoja v samostojen oddelek ter vzpostaviti interno raziskovalno skupino na področju razvoja in integracije na področju brezpilotnih sistemov in aplikativne robotike. Iščemo sodelavca z izrazitimi sposobnostmi reševanja kompleksnih tehničnih problemov, ki je sposoben v..
15 Nov Zaposlimo: Vodja marketinga (m/ž)
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Vodja marketinga (M/Ž)Iščemo sodelavca, ki nam bo pomagal vzpostaviti komunikacijsko infrastrukturo in skrbel operativno izvajanje začrtanih marketinških aktivnosti. Če imate izkušnje z vodenjem projektov na področju marketinga, so vam všeč nove tehnologije, ste odprti za stalno učenje in se znajdete v dinamičnih okoljih, ste verjetno pravi za nas...
11 Feb California police adopt WingtraOne drone for wildfire damage assessment
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The Lafayette City Police Department and an interagency task force joined a survey firm to deal with extensive damage caused by California wildfires that were raging in August and September. One of these, “the CZU lightning complex fire” caused a massive evacuation before destroying 86,509 acres (35,009 ha) and nearly 1500 structures across four co..
11 Feb Drone Racing League, NBC Sports Network and FanDuel Launch Virtual Drone Racing Series to Benefit Direct Relief
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The Drone Racing League (DRL), the world’s premier, professional circuit for drone racing, today announced that the first-ever fantasy virtual drone racing series, the 2020 FanDuel DRL SIM Racing Cup, will premiere on Saturday, May 16 at 2:30pm ET on NBCSN. The series will run for eight weekends on NBCSN and Twitter. The schedule is as follows:Satu..
11 Feb VIDEO: Kespry launches new Perception Analytics platform today
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The solution is designed for industrial use cases requiring comprehensive analysis of complex visual data from traditional or drone cameras, as well as thermal guns.This includes asset condition tracking and identifying business-impacting anomalies.Kespry Perception Analytics vertically integrates as an ISV solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 a..
11 Feb VIDEO: Lucid Drone begins sanitising sports stadiums as fans return
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The company, formed by Davidson College graduates, will reportedly use two disinfecting drones for the Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers game on Sunday, 11 October.CNN revealed that the Falcons have already trialled a return of a crowd to games, allowing a small group of 500 friends, family and fans to spectate a previous game.The company’s dron..
11 Feb Intel drone show lights up Dubai skies
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The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) Drone Light Show runs for 45 days, making it’s the longest consecutively held show of its kind in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.Each performance features 300 drones combining to fly in a carefully choreographed display that creates a high-tech 3D animation with 90 shows across the festival.Intel has become kno..
11 Feb New law grants Dubai Civil Aviation Authority greater autonomy
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The law is designed to “consolidate Dubai’s global leadership in civil aviation, enhance its attractiveness as a destination for aviation businesses and further enhance safety, security and sustainability”.The law will apply to all air navigation and aviation activities in Dubai including air control, air cargo and operation of balloons.Dubai’s new..
11 Feb Saudi drone sector gets boost from doubling of sovereign wealth fund
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Saudi’s Public Investment Fund is considered crucial to the kingdom’s coronavirus recovery and the government’s strategy to diversify Saudi’s economy away from its dependence on oil.  The transport and aerospace sectors form a key part of Saudi’s economic diversification plans with both industries becoming a focus of investment.Some of the Gulf reg..
11 Feb Drone punches hole in Saudi airliner
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An airliner has sustained substantial damage and was briefly engulfed in flames following a drone attack by Houthi rebels at Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia.Saudi state TV showed the three-year-old plane, operated by flyadeal, with a large hole in its fuselage, apparently caused by a drone. The report said that there had not been any inj..
11 Feb UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Project Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM)
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In 2015, NASA began research on technology, performance requirements, and procedures to enable civil UAS operations in low altitude airspace. A Research Transition Team (RTT) was established to coordinate the NASA and FAA efforts for exploring a new paradigm in air traffic management that will integrate the anticipated new volume of small UAS opera..
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