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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-IR-SEN
Tutorial for Precision Landing with the Cube: Send technical/support questions to Enhance your UAV fleet with Precision Landing and target recognition features. Attach the IR-LOCK Sensor to your UAV, and place the MarkOne&nb..
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ProfiCNC/HEX IR-LOCK MarkOne Beacon V3.0
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-IR-PAD
Tutorial for Precision Landing with the Cube: technical/support questions to info@irlock.comRELIABLE TARGET TRACKING IN ANY LIGHTING CONDITION- Designed for use with IR-LOCK Sensor- Max Detection Range: 15+ meters- Reliable detection in bright sunlight and complete d..
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ProfiCNC/HEX HereFlow
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-FLOW
Before using the HereFlow, please download the instruction from 'HereFlow' section on Thank you!..
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Brand: ProfiCNC/HEX Model: HX-HERE-RTKv2
What's insideHere+ RTK Rover * 1GPS1 port connector for connecting Here+ Rover to PH2 * 1Here+ RTK Base * 1Here+ RTK Base USB connector * 1 HighlightsCentimeter‑level GNSS positioning for the mass marketIntegrated Real Time Kinematics (RTK) for fast time‑to‑marketS..
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Pixhawk Digital Airspeed Sensor Kit
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Brand: RTS Model: RTS-ASkit-Pix
The Pixhawk digital differential airspeed sensor has a very low offset, a high resolution and, best of all, does not suffer from the noise induced by long cables and offsets in the ratio-metric output on the APM 2.6 analog airspeed sensor. Featuring a Measurement Specialties 4525DO sensor, wit..
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Brand: Mauch Electronic Model: MAU2-100
The Sensor Hub X8, is able to collect the current of up to 8 current sensors and pass the sumarized current to the FC. For more detailed info, please go to the X8 manual page . Scope of delivery: 1x   Sensor Hub X8 8x   Connection cable to current sensor PC-100 or PC-200 / L = 20..
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Brand: RTS Model: emax-apm
Mini APM Pro:Using imported large current LDO instead of previous version 3.3V LDO to support outputting 500MA power.Change the previous diodes to PIX PMEG2005 diodes and ..
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Brand: FrSky Model: FR-ASS100
FrSky Smart Port Air Speed Sensor ASS-100 (High Precision) is designed for FrSky Smart Port enabled system, and can provide Airspeed Data for your entire flight.​SPECIFICATION:Compatibility- FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers, such as X8R, X6R, X4R, etc.Model- ASS-10..
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Brand: OneDrone Model: od-naze10
Naze32 is a small (36x36mm) flight control based on 32-bit STM32 processor running at 72MHz. With current attitude code from MultiWii, CPU spends more than 90% time at idle. Description: Size: 36mm x 36mm Version: 10dof Features: 1、3-axis MEMS gyro+accelerometer(MPU6050) 2、3-axis m..
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Brand: OneDrone Model: OD-naze-OSD
Features: - Onboard 5V and 12V switching power supplies. - Direct connections to naze when stacked. - Cam and vtx 3pin headers with selectable 12v or 5v power from onboard regs. - Can power naze and anything else attached to naze, so you can disconnect the red power wire from all escs. - Onboar..
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TBS 50A Current sensor
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Brand: TBS Model: TBS-C50A
Current sensor for the TBS CORE. This is the 50A version. It's compatible with other OSDs as well although we can't take responsibility for that.  The current sensor comes with NO CONNECTORS! There are just plain solder pads and you can solder on your own connectors of choice. We suggest ..
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Brand: 3d robotics Model: 3DR-px4-flow
PX4Flow is an optical flow smart camera. It has a native resolution of 752×480 pixels and calculates optical flow on a 4x binned and cropped area at 250 Hz (bright, outdoors), giving it a very high light sensitivy. Unlike many mouse sensors, it also works indoors and in low outdoor light conditions ..
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