RC BT-LED controller & 4x RGB LED strips

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RC BT-LED controller control 4 RGB LED strips with numerus patterns and color combinations.
Change patteren, color and other settings with just two buttons. Use your smartphone to update firmware and set advanced setting.
With “A” button, you can change some preset patterens and with button “B” you can change color of LEDs.

“B” Button will also turn on Bluetooth 4.0 if you press and hold it for 3 seconds. This will turn on programing mode and you can use smartphone to update or setup your RC BT-LED controller. To turn off BlueTooth 4.0 just press and hold “B” Button for 3 seconds.

Input voltage must be from 11v to 26v (3S – 6S LiPo) !!!
RC BT-LED controller will autodetect number of cells of your LiPo pack.

Possible patterns :

1. OFF
2. ON
3. Blink
4. Fade
5. Battery mode “Cell voltage color”
6. “x” mode
7. “+” mode
8. Circle mode
9. Police mode
10. Police mode 2

Available colors:
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Cyan, Magenta

RC BT-LED controller remembers last selected mode with RC switch.
If there is a PWM signal at power up on input it will remember mode for up to 5 different PWM positions (switch positions on your TX). You can set for example neutral as OFF, lower as BATTERY MODE and high as ORIENTATION MODE.
To change mode for certain PWM, position switch and select mode with buttons. Selected mode will be stored to selected RC switch position.
RC BT-LED controller will try to auto-detect number of cells of your LI-PO pack.
You can use from 3S (11v) to 6S (26v)

Li-PO Cell number Auto detection works as follows:
0,00v - 12,8v - 3s
12,8v - 17,0v - 4s
17,0v - 21,2v - 5s
21,2v - 25,5v - 6s

Cell voltage color:
0,00v - 3,65v - RED
3,65v - 3,85v - YELLOW
3,85v - 4,20v – GREEN

5 PWM modes
900us - 1200us Mode 1
1200us - 1400us Mode 2
1400us - 1600us Mode 3
1600us - 1800us Mode 4
1800us - 2100us Mode 5

Package of RC BT-LED controller contain :
4 X 550mm (21,65in)RGB LED strip1x 150mm (5,9in)
1 X male to male servo cable
1 X RC BT-LED controller with power cable


RC BT-LED controller

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