VAT Free Shopping

We are getting a lot of questions regarding VAT free shopping from out customers, so we preapred short Q&A for easier processing of the orders.

1.) Who can buy from without VAT?
VAT will be automatically deducted at checkout for all the orders which are shipping outside of EU (based on shipping address). VAT can be deducted also with all EU based companies, with valid VAT ID.

2.) I'm buying as EU VAT registered company. What is the procedure to see prices without VAT?
Please just register an account on and enter all your company's info (Name, Address, Post no. & Post citiy). Be sure also to add valid VAT ID to "Address 2" field. When this is arranged, please send mail with subject "VAT ID verification" to "". In mail body write just your account e-mail address. We will verify your company's data and VAT ID, and if everything is OK, enable your account for permanent VAT free shopping. Process in usually finished within one hour after receiving your e-mail.

3.) I'm ordering as a citizen of NON-EU country .... and I would like to personally pick-up the parcel in your warehouse. Will it be without VAT?
Unfortunately NOT. If you are picking parcel here it counts as the shipping address is in EU. You have to pay full amount with VAT included. But we can give you some papers, which must be stamped at customs when exiting EU (this confirms that goods left EU) ... and after returning confirmed documents we can refund your VAT paid. NOTE: If you are citizen of NON-EU country and would like to pick up the goods personally in out warehouse - please use our address as shipping address "Onedrone, Cesta Andreja Bitenca 36, 1210 Ljubljana - Sentvid, Slovenia" .... otherwise VAT will not be calculated correctly and you will have to pay it extra at pickup.

4.) I have some other questions. Who can help me?
You can send all your questions to "" e-mail.