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Brand: Gens Ace / Tattu Model: GA-T-16-C12S
Tattu Plus 1.0 Compact version 16000mAh 12S 15C 44.4V Lipo battery pack with XT90-S Plug is suitable for Freefly AltaX, agricultural spraying drone, security mapping, power inspection and other industries. The whole system includes data acquisition, security warning, power calculation, automatic equ..
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Model: FF-AX-FRX
This FRX Pro is programmed to transmit telemetry data between Alta X and operator ground station computer* for long range communication during waypoint missions.** It is a 900mHz system, rated for operating ranges of 1500m+ (5000"+)**. Without a long range radio solution like this FRX Pro (or a pre-..
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Alta X Short Quick Release Mount
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The Alta X Short Quick Release Mount allows Alta X users to mount Toad in the Hole equipped payloads or landing gear directly to the bottom / top of the Alta X bypassing the standard vibration isolation system.  For some use cases rigid mounting is desirable and this removes some weight to increase ..
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Alta X Cargo Landing Gear Alta X Cargo Landing Gear
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Model: FF-AX-CLG
Freefly Cargo Landing Gear provides Alta users with an expandable and adaptable platform to help speed the integration of their custom payloads.  The Cargo Landing Gear can be used for package delivery, LiDAR setups, logging, LED lights, medical delivery, and just about anything in between. The syst..
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Model: FF-TH-AX
This version of the Toad in the Hole Receiver (M4) is a beefed up version of our original quick release unit, which provides an easy mount and release solution for your heavy duty applications and payloads.* It allows the operator to quickly remove the payload from the aircraft and attach to any oth..
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KW Alta X retractable landing gear
Out of stock
Model: KW-AR
Kopterworx Alta X retractable landing gear Delivery time is 5 days after purchase !! • made by quality 3K Carbon plates 3 and 6mm.• no special tool needed to mount them, just 1 hex screwdriver• connect directly to 12S and to Futaba (other) receiver• calibrating not required (all done in Kopterworx) ..
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Model: KW-RO2-TIH
Freefly Toad in the hole Adapter for Ronin 2 for using on Alta X. Delivery: Male Adapter + Screws...
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Alta X 12V DC to DC Regulator
Out of stock
Model: FF-AX-12V
Installs on the Alta X (replaces blank side panel) to allow integrated, on-board, power for 12V accessories from the main batteries. FeaturesXT30 Female connector for powering accessories Pulls power from flight packs to simplify battery needs..
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Alta X FPV System Gen2
Out of stock
Model: FF-AX-FPV
The Alta OSD transmits through an installed FPV system on Alta giving the pilot critical flight information (battery voltage, heading, ground speed, etc) in addition to airframe video reference. This FPV system is available pre-installed when you purchase an Alta X (choose the option when you build ..
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Model: KW-AX-P
Battery Plate for Alta X for using normal 6s Battery, very light made from 3K Carbon. As its really hard to get Alta X batteries and there is very expensive shipping for orignal Alta X 12S Battery Packs, we made solution to use normal 6S Batteries. For example you can use old Alta 8 batteries or any..
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Freefly ALTA Spare Parts Kit
Out of stock
Model: FF-A-SPK
This kit is designed to provide an assortment of items that are useful for maintaining your ALTA in the field. IncludesQty 2 - Prop Protectors Qty 2 - Battery Retention Straps Qty 4 - Antenna Tubes with Caps Qty 1 - FPV Transmitter Cable for Boscam/Skyzone Qty 1 - FPV Transmitter Cable for FatShar..
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MōVI Pro Landing Gear
Out of stock
Model: movi-pro-lk
Delivery middle to end of November.  This landing gear kit allows users to quickly add lightweight, robust, and aerodynamic landing gear to the MōVI Pro for use with the Freefly ALTA.  The landing gear attaches in under 5 minutes and features a robust, but lightweight carbon and aluminum design.  O..
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