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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: IM-TRHV-VOR
ImmersionRC Tramp module for Vortex 250/275/285 This is the long-awaited Tramp module for the Vortex 250/275/285 Quadcopters. Replacing both the 25mW, and 350mW transmitters, and offering variable power output from approx. 2mW -> 600mW. Also includes a TNR Tag for installation within the plastic sid..
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: IM-TRHV-ACCRF
Package of 3 RF cables for the TrampHV 5.8GHz vTx.  - 1x Straight bulkhead U.FL -> SMA, as shipped with the TrampHV- 1x Right-angle Bulkhead U.FL -> SMA- 1x Straight bulkhead w/two screwholes, U.FL -> SMA, as shipped with the TBS Unify Pro All cables 1.37mm, standard length (approx. 5cm)..
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ImmersionRC LapRF Personal Race Timing System ImmersionRC LapRF Personal Race Timing System
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: IM-LAPRF1
The LapRF is a personal race timing system for FPV quads using 5.8GHz video feeds. The passing of a quad through the start/finish gate is precisely measured using the energy emitted by the 5.8GHz transmitter on the quad. Custom fully-programmable timing receivers, coupled with ImmersionRC"s timing a..
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: IM-TNR
Why let race directors have all the fun? The Personal Touch and Race wand (TNR) avoids dip-switch hell even in the local park!   The TNR wand allows for super easy programming of video transmitters before you launch, eliminating frequency collisions, eliminating the ‘what channel was I on last’ ques..
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: IM-VO-150
For full product specifications, refer to the Immersion RC Product Page: Vortex 150 Mini Product Page * The EU Version is identical to the International, and USA versions, with one exception. The firmware is region-locked to prevent transmission outside of the EU ISM band. All ImmersionRC/FatShark c..
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ImmersionRC Vortex Mini Race Quad ARF (Race Motors) ImmersionRC Vortex Mini Race Quad ARF (Race Motors)
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: vortex
Details The ImmersionRC team combined a unique foldable mini-quad frame, and added the stuff that ImmersionRC does well. An integrated full-graphic OSD, coupled directly to a flight controller pre-loaded with Cleanflight. Drive that into a custom, integrated, 5.8GHz video transmitter with a punchy 3..
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: STICKER-IRC
A 30cm ImmersionRC sticker ..
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ImmersionRC RapidFIRE Goggle Module ImmersionRC RapidFIRE Goggle Module
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: RFIRE01
The rapidFIRE technology the rapidFIRE module is named after "fuses" together the images from two 5.8GHz A/V receiver modules into one beautiful, interference-free image.  Tearing and rolli..
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ImmersionRC Raceband 5.8GHz 25mW A/V Transmitter
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: imm25tx
Details This ImmersionRC Audio / Video Transmitters provides a clean and powerful transmission 100% compatible with all Fat Shark and Immersion RC products. Strong penetration and a locked in signal gives you the best picture on 5.8GHz all in a lightweight, efficient, 25mW 5.8GHz transmitter. The i..
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: vortexesc
Using the latest FET and driver technology, ImmersionRC have created an ESC which is only 9.4mm wide. This ESC uses a high-end 32-bit processor. Can be used to replace a damaged ESC on the ImmersionRC Vortex racing quadcopter...
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: immuhfjrmod
ImmersionRC EzUHF JR module TX The module to add portability to your setup. Plugs into the back of your remote control (check compatibility below) without all the cabling. A little less power than his big brother, but still plenty for the added convenience. 500mW of EzUHF Power JR Module, compatib..
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Brand: ImmersionRC Model: anttrack
ImmersionRC EzAntennaTracker v2 -The second version of the first Commercial Antenna Tracker for FPV/UAV use-Standard 3-pin 0.1" headers for hookup to standard servos for Pan/Tilt. -Uses telemetry data downlinked from an EzOSD, TinyTelemetry module, or ImmersionRC"s XuGong v2/Pro quadcopters. -Integr..
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