It’s a new year, so we are destined to get new drones, gimbals, and cameras from DJI this year. Leaker DealsDrone is back with another calendar showing his guess for what products DJI could release in 2023.

DJI drones for 2023

DealsDrone predicts DJI will release four new drones this year, and boy, I do hope these come true because one is a drone I’ve mentioned I wanted for a while. Below is the list of the drones and the months DealsDrone expects DJI will release them in 2023.

  • Inspire 3 (March)
  • Air 3 (May)
  • Matrice 350T (June)
  • Mavic 3S (July)

Inspire 3

This one has been in the rumor mill for a while now, but if all the murmurs are correct, this is the year. The long-awaited successor of the Inspire 2 is reportedly finishing up development, and DJI is in the process of filming its promo video. You know, those long, epic compilations of clips from around the world? Yeah, those actually have to be made and don’t just get pulled out of a filing cabinet in the marketing department.

Now, what will be new on the Inspire 3 is unknown. The current drone already has all the bells and whistles you need for cinematic productions. However, it is rumored that the Inspire 3 will be larger than its predecessor and most likely bring updates for smart features and more payload capacity.

Air 3

That’s right, I’m not the only one who wants a new mid-tier drone from DJI. The big questions are what will it cost and what features will it have? I was a big hater of DJI’s choice to make a Mavic 3 Classic because it made the Air lineup feel useless. With the Classic in play, the Air 3 will have difficulty being different enough even to compete. Here are some items I hope it includes if it does come true this year.

  • Greater than 20 MP camera? A must.
  • ActiveTrack 5.0? Yes.
  • 6K video? Sure, why not.
  • 4K 120 FPS? Would be nice.
  • 30-40 minutes flight time? Most likely.

Did I pretty much just make a Mavic 3 Classic? Well, other than that 6K video, pretty much. And I don’t even think I pushed it too hard. I just looked at the Air 2S stats and pumped them up a bit. This is the problem with the Classic. However, I’m sure DJI will devise some way to make these two drones different.

Matrice 350T

Yep, another enterprise drone this year, and it makes a lot of sense that DJI would beef up its heavy-lift enterprise drone. While the M30T brought all the goodness of the M300 to a compact form, sometimes you need that larger aircraft for its versatility.

With the given name, this will most likely be an upgraded version of the M300 with a thermal camera, hence the T in the name. It might be upgraded to support an IP55 rating, but the mystery is what sort of other cameras it will have.

Mavic 3S

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since the Mavic 3 came onto the scene. How do you improve on the best drone to hit the market? I have no idea. Maybe they’ll finally give us an upgraded version of ActiveTrack to surpass Skydio or bring ActiveTrack to the tele camera? Who knows, your guess is as good as mine.

Goggles SE and Motion 2

These two products hit the FCC database end of 2022, so seeing them on the February schedule isn’t surprising. A cheaper version of the goggles for DJI’s FPV and Avata drones will be a welcomed addition for those starting out in the space. In addition, the next generation Motion controller is expected to bring improvements to the one-handed immersive flying experience the original controller brought when it was released.

New DJI cameras and gimbals in 2023

This morning we saw the first item on this list come true, the DJI RS3 Mini, a smaller version of DJI’s camera gimbal meant for mirrorless cameras. You can check out our first impressions here. According to DealsDrone, DJI is also planning to release a new smartphone gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 7, in October. Finally, in the gimbal (but it also has a camera) market, is the Pocket 3 possibly coming in April. Will this be the first pocket to do a greater than 60 FPS video? Maybe even give us 5K video? Who knows.

For the drone cameras, DealsDrone states DJI will release the Zenmuse X9 alongside the Inspire 3. No surprise that a new camera would drop with the drone, but in a follow-up tweet DealsDrone says the X9 will be full frame and shoot up to 8K video. Currently, the Zenmuse lineup offers only a micro 4/3 and super 35 sensors that shoot up to 6K. So if you’re a filmmaker, I hope you enjoy it.

DJI Dock SE?

There always seems to be one confusing item on DealsDrone’s calendar. This year it’s a little easier to piece together what it might be, but it doesn’t mean there’s a good chance this guess will be right. Last year DJI unveiled its Dock to the world alongside the M30, they even did a live demo at Airworks. A downside to Dock is that it is only compatible with the M30. The company’s M300 or Mavic 3 Enterprise drones will not work with the specialized hardware. This is where the Dock SE could fit in.

Usually, SE means a standard or cheaper version of a long-term product, like the Mini SE. However, my guess is that this could be a smaller version of the Dock, meant for the Mavic 3 Enterprise, something to compete with Skydio’s dock or the Autel dock they show off each year at CES for its EVO II.

Do you think this is a good lineup for 2023? Anything you hope gets added or features for these products? Let us know in the comments below.