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Gremsy T3 V3 bundle (M600/rest)
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-T3-V3-B
Gremsy T3 V3 bundle for M600 and others. Gremsy T3 (version 3) is the most advanced 3-axis camera stabilizer ready to fly with many cameras in both cinematography & industrial applications. Featuring onboard HDMI and AUX ports, the T3 ensures a simple and clean setup as well as increased portability..
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Gremsy PIXY U
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-P-U
Inheriting the superior technology of Pixy series, Pixy U pushes the boundaries of what professionals can accomplish with a commercial gimbal. This compact stabilizer can carry universal dedicated cameras regardless of its modest size and one pound optimized weight. Besides, Pixy U is fully Compatib..
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-PI-F
Cutting-edge technology fitting in just the hand palm, Pixy F is customizable to match perfectly with Flir Duo Pro R. The system provides numerous capabilities in an almost weightless industrial-grade gimbal with instant setup and longer flight time. Low effort, high precision, superior performance...
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Gremsy S1V3 - FLIR DUO PRO R Bundle Gremsy S1V3 - FLIR DUO PRO R Bundle
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-S1-FB
This bundle supports you in installing Flir Duo Pro R on Gremsy S1, beneath the drone system and connects easily to:PWM1, PWM2, PWM3 Remote Control Power in 12VDC Analog Video Output*Please note that if you may need the S1 - Power Cable for M600 in case using with M600 frame In the box:G..
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Gremsy S1V3
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Brand: Gremsy Model: GR-S1
  Integrated quick release. Extended pan rotation. Upgraded motor power.Gremsy S1V3 is the most lightweight yet multi-load gimbal for mappers, surveyors and industry experts in any aerial missions. In the box:Gremsy S1-V3 Gimbal x1HDMI Hyper Quick Release x1Hotshoe Screw x1Hotshoe Plate..
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MōVI XL with Case MōVI XL with Case
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Model: FF-MXL-C
MoVI XL brings the innovative possibilities of the Freefly Stabilizer now also for large cameras or elaborate camera / lens set-ups.MoVI hit the gym! We took everything great about the MoVI Pro and added some serious horsepower for the world"s biggest cameras. MoVI XL is a lightweight, portable sy..
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Model: FF-MP-GO
MōVI Pro - Digital 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer MōVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created. It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use.  MōVI Pro is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to create world class production quality video content qu..
Ex Tax:4,910.57€
InfinityMR PRO V2 - 3axis gimbal with encoders InfinityMR PRO V2 - 3axis gimbal with encoders
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Model: HD-IN-PRO
InfinityMR PRO v2 is one of the lightest gimbals in the GH5/A7S camera size class in the world. Ultra-light and rigid construction combined with AlexMos Extended controller makes it a perfect choice for everyone looking for a reliable aerial gimbal. Quick-release system, slipring connector and orbit..
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InfinityMR-S2 - 3axis gimbal with encoders InfinityMR-S2 - 3axis gimbal with encoders
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Model: HD-IN-MRS2
InfinityMR-S2 is a light, powerful, reinforced gimbal for Sony A6500 size cameras. Thanks to its smart design and top-quality materials, it is only 560g, what makes it one of the lightest gimbals in this class! Built-in slipring connector allows for clean wires routing and saves additional weight (a..
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Model: infinitymrsl
InfinityMRS Lite – a universal, lightweight gimbal supporting cameras up to 500g for surveliance zoom / Ir cameras. It weights 390g. InfinityMR-S Lite comes as a fully assembled unit. So just get it out of the box and enjoy perfect stabilization. InfinityMR-S is compatible with the most popular came..
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Model: cf300pro
CF300 PRO 3 axis Gimbal. On this gimbal fits almost every camera with extremly powerfull hispeed titanium servos with 40kg torque and antivibrations system. Stabilization done with 2x picloc 3x. The weight of gimbal is under 2kg. Made of 2mm carboon and extremly strong, tested on more then 30 kg. Un..
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Zenmuse Z-15 Canon 5D Mark III HD
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Model: znmuse5dIII
ANOTHER EVOLUTIONARY 3-AXIS PROFESSIONAL GIMBAL The DJI Zenmuse Z15-5D Gimbal, based on the technology of the Zenmuse Z15 series gimbal, inherited its predominant strength/weight ratio because of its unique structural design. This release marks another breakthrough in gimbal systems and the precisio..
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