Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon - Pro Package with Case

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The New Typhoon Q500 4K comes in gunmetal gray, features an improved 4K camera, and includes everything you need!

  • 2 Batteries Included (50 min. flying time total)
  • Custom made aluminum Q500 Typhoon Carrying Case Included
  • 4K CGO3 camera with improved lens and advanced real-time control
  • Outstanding 3-axis image stabilization
  • Records videos in an immersive 115° field of view with remarkable image quality
  • Remote control with built-in 5.5" Android based tablet shows real time video feed and telemetry data
  • Advanced Features Including Return to Home, Follow Me, and Watch Me Modes
  • 16GB micro SD card
  • Excellent customer support and 6 month warranty
  • Free Steady Grip in the box

The Typhoon Q500 4K is a complete air and ground imaging solution that captures unparalleled video (4K) and still images (12 Megapixel) while maintaining the Typhoon family tradition of being ready, easy and safe to fly.

The Typhoon Q500 4K arrives factory-assembled, test-flown, ready to fly and film out of the box.  The Typhoon Q500 4K includes the aircraft, CGO3 camera and 3-axis precision gimbal, ST10+ personal ground station, battery, charger, SteadyGrip and 16GB microSD card. In addition, there are a number of accessories including a sun shade, car charger, USB adapter/charger and an extra set of propellers.

The 3-axis anti-vibration CGO3 gimbal camera and the optimized fixed focus lens capture silky smooth videos and crisp images, which are stored to the internal memory card and streamed in real time to the ST10+ screen.  The camera features a 115 degree wide-angle no-distortion lens and the ability to shoot slow motion video at 1080p 120 FPS.  All the controls expected by professionals are standard. For instance, video resolution and white balance can be adjusted, while light exposure can be controlled automatically or manually, including ISO and Shutter Speed.  The camera also allows users to take pictures while recording video, and the still images are available in RAW (DNG) and JPEG format. 

The ST10+ personal ground station is a 10-channel 2.4GHz RC transmitter that supports a 5.8GHz video downlink delivering streaming video to the built-in screen. Real time telemetry data made available on the screen during flight includes flight mode, altitude, speed over ground, distance from home, camera status, GPS position coordinates, number of GPS satellites available and aircraft battery status.

 The SteadyGrip handheld device ensures ground shots are as smooth as those taken from the air. The CGO3 mobile APP allows the SteadyGrip user to capture images, shoot videos and control the CGO3 gimbal camera. 

Once the Typhoon Q500 4K is in the air, it is really fun to fly. It has two flying modes to choose from, known as Smart and Angle.  Each mode is intuitive and easy to grasp.

 Smart Mode is typically used for new fliers, as it uses the built-in GPS to establish a 26 foot (8 meter) diameter “SAFE Circle” around the pilot, ensuring the drone remains at a safe distance from the pilot.  It also creates a “geo-fence” that keeps the Typhoon Q500 4K from traveling farther than 300 feet (91 meters) from the fliers position.   In Smart Mode, the drone will never get too close to the pilot or wander too far away.    Further, the Typhoon Q500 4K will always move in the direction the control stick is pushed relative to the pilot. If you push the stick to the left, the Q500 4K will always move to the left, regardless of the direction the nose is pointing.

 Angle Mode is typically used by more experienced pilots.  The Typhoon Q500 4Kwill move in the direction the control stick is pushed relativeto the front or nose of the aircraft. It also gives the pilot more control authority by turning off the SAFE Circle and allowing steeper bank and pitch angles. This makes it possible to get faster panning and tracking shots when shooting high-energy action video. There is no “geo-fence” in Angle Mode.

 A number of smart features are built into the Typhoon Q500 4k system to make flying and filming easier and safer.    These include Home Mode, FollowMe, WatchMe, Speed Control and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant NoFly.

 Home Mode is a safety feature that can be activated at any time with the simple flip of the Home Switch on the ST10+.  When activated, the Typhoon Q500 4K will automatically return to its “home point” and land.  The Typhoon Q500 4K uses the GPS in both the Typhoon Q500 4K aircraft and the ST10+ Personal Ground Station to determine its “home point” and land approximately 20 feet from the ST10+.  Landing location may be adjusted during the descent by using the right stick to control the Typhoon Q500 4K Aircraft’s final landing location.   If for whatever reason the transmitter signal is lost, Home Mode will take over and fly the Typhoon Q500 back to you until it lands or the signal is restored.  Home mode is also activated if the battery is low. 

 When FollowMe is enabled, the aircraft is leashed to the pilot who is controlling the ST10+.   The Typhoon Q500 4K will follow the ST-10+, wherever the pilot goes.

 If WatchMe is enabled, the camera stays pointed at the pilot holding the ST-10+, in focus and in frame, no matter which way the drone is maneuvered.

 The Speed Control slider allows the pilot to determine how aggressively to fly.    It can be switched from turtle (slow) to rabbit (fast), allowing the pilot to customize speed in real-time, whether the need is to slow down to capture highly stable footage or fly fast to a desired destination. 

 On top of that, it is VH Drones' opinion that Yuneec provides the best warranty and tech support in the business.  Each system comes with a 6 month warranty which covers all defects as well as free over the phone tech support during that time.  Yuneec's level of customer service has impressed us in all aspects to date.

 The Q500 4K represents a great value for a full-featured drone.  It is stable and easy to use and even comes with an Android based tablet built into the remote control.  No need to pair your phone with this one and the touch screen interface makes the menus easy to navigate.  The Q500 4K is a 500mm class drone (565mm to be exact).  Compare that to a Phantom which is 350mm and you can imagine that the Q500 4K is much bigger and more substantial by comparison.  Add to that a great price, ease of use, advanced feautures, and a nice flight time of up to 25 minutes per battery and you have a package that is tough to beat.  Each Q500 4K will also ship with a second battery for free, for a total of up to 50 minutes of flying time.

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