WKM IMU V2 Trade in

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WKM IMU V2 Trade in - Please read note!

• This is upgrade and you can have it as a secondary IMU, your OLD one must be traded in.
• We will sell this upgrade first to our customers
• You must send us first your old Hardware ID number, then we will provide you with nstructions. Number is in WKM softoware under info.

Upgrade features:
NEW V2  IMU have more precise Gyros, for better control on heavier Multirotors.

For example: S800 / Zenmuse / GH2 / 2 x lipo 6000 mah.

This setup is over 7 KG and needs the new IMU to have better control and better performance.

Newer V2 is also made out of a solid brick of alloy and CNC cut to fit the electronics!

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