DMD MXLRSD2D Dual Professional Base Station with XLRS_D2 integrated system

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Dual Professional Base Station for pilot and observer, with XLRS_D2 integrated system.

Prepared to perfom missions short and long distances up to 180Km maximum RC and telemetry.

Designed for all types of models: RPAs,VANT,UAVs,UUV,UGV,ROV,USV,ASV,Drones,Multirotors,Aircraft,Helicopters,Cars,Boats and more.

Suitcase with ergonomic handles, wheels and extremely resistant hinges. Watertight dust an water.



  • 1 Suitcase. Watertight with handle and wheels, rotationally molded extreme resistance to military certificates (MIL-STD-810F).
  • 2 LED Screen 22". 
    • 1st- Visualization pilot camera.
    • 2nd- Visualization camera observer or maps.
  • 2 XLRS_D2 System, (XPAD2-RCJOY or XPAD2-MINIJOY)
    • 5G Transmtter (-115dBm, 500mW, 180Km RC and telemetry).
    • Video Receiver 2,4Ghz 8CH.
    • LCD Display (Shows the menu and telemetry).
    • Terminal Search for radio beacons.
    • Joysticks RC.
    • GPS 10Hz.
    • Bluetooth.
    • FHSS (Frequency hopping).
    • Input SPPM 
  • ​1 Tablet (Windows) + Software
    • DMDStudio. Ajustment, charger firmware programs and system configuration XLRS_D2.
    • OziExplorer. GPS mapping and navigation maps.
    • AEROSIM. FPV Simulator.
  • ​1 PSU. Power Unit, batteries and charger.
  • 1 Storage drawer. 

​More information click here, Technical features MXLRSD2D.

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