TBS 4.000 3S LiPo for TBS Caipirinha

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The standard battery for our 3S Caipirinha setup. Fits nicely, just need to deepen the battery bay. Balances out the Caipirinha with a GoPro up front so that no further weights are required.

Flight time is about 20 minutes worth of aggressive flying. The Caipirinha receives  a vertical climb and improved gliding capabilities thanks to the increased power and weight of the battery.

Important: We strongly suggest to use this battery ONLY with our new and improved 3S setup. The current 2S setup is not adequately spec'ed for this kind of power.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 14 x 2.3 x 4cm
  • Weight: 305g (including connectors!)
  • Current rating: 10C continuous, 20C burst
  • Charge rating: 1C (4A)


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