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This UAV Drone is a high performance RC Aircraft unmatched in its class.

Designed with the camera in mind, the Techpod UAV has a clear dome in the nose of the aircraft to provide the widest possible viewing angles. It is an unobstructed 180 degree view out the front of the aircraft without prop or fuselage spoiling a single shot.
It is a UAV Drone designed to for strength and durability. Carbon fiber is used for the tail boom, wing spars, and tail support. EPO (Expanded polyolefin) is used to construct both the fuselage and wings. The end result is an extremely strong RC airplane capable of winning awards at the local RC park.
Features and Specifications:
- Assembly time 5 hours
- Flight Times Well in Excess of 1 Hour
- Cruise Speed: 40 km/h
- Climb Rate:  600 m/min
- Wingspan: 267 cm
- Wing area: 39 sq dm
- Wing loading:  56 g / sq dm @ 2,25 kg
- Fuselage Length: 114 cm
- Dry weight: 1,23 kg
- Loaded weight: 2,25 kg (1 kg battery/payload)

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