TBS Silicone Adhesive 45ml (Black)

TBS Silicone Adhesive 45ml (Bl...

Silicone adhesive for bonding and securing electrnics to race drone frames, for when glue can't t..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 8.12€

TBS Official T-Shirt

TBS Official T-Shirt

They say TBS shirts can increase your 5.8GHz range by 300%, and keep your motors running cool aga..

13.90€ Ex Tax: 11.39€

TBS Black Sheep Squad Cap

TBS Black Sheep Squad Cap...

Protect yourself from the sun while looking snazzy! The BlackSheep Squad snap-fit caps are here..

24.90€ Ex Tax: 20.41€

TBS Self Tightening Prop Set 9x5" (2xCW,2xCCW)

TBS Self Tightening Prop Set 9...

Straight from Germany, specially customized electric propellers from aero-naut for multirotor..

29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.51€

TBS 4.000 3S LiPo for TBS Caipirinha

TBS 4.000 3S LiPo for TBS Caip...

The standard battery for our 3S Caipirinha setup. Fits nicely, just need to deepen the batter..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.10€

TBS 1.700mAh 3S LiPo (Gemini)

TBS 1.700mAh 3S LiPo (Gemini)...

For those interested in a more subtle, cruising Gemini. It's nice for the relaxed flight on t..

25.90€ Ex Tax: 21.23€

TBS 1.000mAh 4S LiPo (Gemini)

TBS 1.000mAh 4S LiPo (Gemini)...

When time is of the essence, you need the battery that makes you go fast! :) Specs: ..

27.90€ Ex Tax: 22.87€

TBS 4.000 6S LiPo

TBS 4.000 6S LiPo

The perfect LiPo for your 400kV motor system. It fits neatly into the trunk of the TBS DISCOV..

104.90€ Ex Tax: 85.98€

TBS Discovery Endurance Upgrade Combo

TBS Discovery Endurance Upgrad...

COMBO INCLUDES: - 4x TBS 400kv 6S LR Motors - 4x TBS 4-6S ESC Ultralight LR Set (4 pcs...

559.89€ Ex Tax: 458.93€

T-Prop 15x5 V2 Ultimate Carbon PAIR

T-Prop 15x5 V2 Ultimate Carbon...

Larger props equal better efficiency. Consider our Aerial Mob Arm Extension to fit ..

74.90€ Ex Tax: 61.39€

TBS Discovery Spare Cam Plate

TBS Discovery Spare Cam Plate...

If you want to use multiple FPV cameras a spare camera plate fits the bill nicely. The cameras ar..

1.90€ Ex Tax: 1.56€

Groundstation RJ45 Cable

Groundstation RJ45 Cable...

Custom RJ45 connectors for your TBS Groundstation. For the exact pinout or to cut custom cables, ..

16.90€ Ex Tax: 13.85€

TBS EzUHF to JR/Graupner/Hitec/etc cable

TBS EzUHF to JR/Graupner/Hitec...

TBS custom-made EzUHF adapter cable for the DSC (mono jack) type transmitters. Includes a sep..

10.90€ Ex Tax: 8.93€

TBS JelloGuard Hero3

Sometimes no matter what you do "Jello" still exists. What causes it even when there are very..

24.90€17.90€Ex Tax: 14.67€

TBS PRO Gimbal Dampener Upgrade

TBS PRO Gimbal Dampener Upgrad...

Better late than never! The new PRO Gimbal Damper upgrade set, to cure gimbal jolts. In..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 8.11€

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