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This transmitter is modified by Team BlackSheep to support lower voltage input voltage and at the same time boost your output power. The new supported input power is 6.6 to 12.6V. The voltage is no longer proportional to the output power.

It also removes a component that has seen failures which would reduce the output power to a fraction of what is normal. This maximizes the reliability of your EzUHF Tx.

Warning: The modification impairs the bi-directional functionality (which is not being used currently).


The EzUHF transmitter is a true powerhouse with a wealth of connectivity broadening the horizon for each FPV pilot. Headtracking support has now been taken out of the hands of the RC transmitter and is exclusively handled by the EzUHF transmitter, so any radio can be used with your TrackR2 now. Support for any radio battery voltage is guaranteed as well, as the EzUHF transmitter has a power-in jack which will accept a 3S LiPo, so no soldering in your precious RC transmitter is required. For Futaba systems using a 9.6V battery or 3S LiPo the EzUHF transmitter can be powered directly from it, with just a single cable. The battery voltage, either from the external battery, or provided by the radio, obviously is monitored and an audible alarm will sound when the battery gets low.

The EzUHF transmitter comes with an auxilary input that’ll offer exciting upcoming new features for FPV/UAV use. The EzUHF transmitter also comes with a power boost switch, which boosts the power if you happen to put yourself in a tight spot and need to regain control. And we’ve not even touched upon the full duplex capabilities of the EzUHF solution, which is exclusively available on the EzUHF transmitter and the 8-ch EzUHF receiver, turning both into full blown transceivers and opening the door for exciting future possibilities.

  • Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)
  • 433MHz/70cm Ham band operation
  • GFSK modulation
  • 600mW (~28dBm) output power
  • Direct head-tracker input, adding head-tracker compatibility to most radios
  • Power switch, boost power when at long range
  • Standard SMA antenna connector, compatibility with 70cm antennas
  • Flexible buffered, AC-coupled, PPM input, ensures compatibility with 3.3v thru 9.6v PPM levels
  • Standard USB port (Mini-A) for firmware upgrades, and system configuration
  • Single pushbutton learning of failsafe positions
  • Binding function, which allows binding Single Tx->Rx, Multi Tx->Rx, and Single Tx->Multi Rx
  • Mates with 8 channel, and 4 channel EzUHF receivers
  • Power sourced directly from the R/C Tx (Futaba), or optional DC power jack
  • Built in receiver, for future expansion
  • Custom extruded brushed aluminum enclosure

But there’s more, as all EzUHF products feature a common USB connector which, in combination with our application software, will allow you to set up your receivers in just the way you like. Mikrokopter mode, the cloning of channels, diagnostics, firmware updates, etc. etc. all available with the click of your mouse or a press of a button, no soldering required, nor any fancy non-standard cable. Convenient, simple and intuitive, leaving you with more time to enjoy your flying, rather than spending hours or days setting up your equipment.

All of that and many, many more upcoming features which further allow integration of our products and turn the electronics powering your FPV plane into a reliable, rock solid, but above all a plug ‘n fly solution that you get to enjoy every time you fly.



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