TBS Self Tightening Prop Set 9x5" (2xCW,2xCCW)

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  • TBS-9x5STset
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Straight from Germany, specially customized electric propellers from aero-naut for multirotors. Self tightening means means less stress on your prop adapters and a guarantee that they stay on during flight.

Developed using the latest CAM technology, in order to ensure accurate maintenance of blade pitch and airfoil. Moulded with carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which ensures durable, true-running propellers. All the moulds and propellers are made in Germany to the highest standards of precision.

The propellers weigh less than commonly used propellers and are much more durable. Turns your TBS DISCOVERY into a super-stable quad, with power ready to unleash at your fingertips. Also works on DJI Phantoms and the E300 / E310 motors. Please note that the standard 900kV and 1000kV motors that were avialable before these props were out are NOT compatible and will require a shaft adapter (available soon)


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