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CE- and FCC-certified video transmitter that can be used together with 2.4 GHz remote controls without interference. Fully legal operation without HAM license! Built to be the smallest video transmitter and to be used in plug & play configuration with the TBS CORE. Range with Cloverleaf or 5dBi Patch RX antenna approx. 1 km. Add higher gain antennas for more range.

The unique TBS design allows you to mount the antenna away from interfering electronics to give you maximum range, without running unnecessary wires to your video transmitter.



  • TBS GREENHORN 5.8GHz 25mW video transmitter
  • 8cm video transmitter cable
  • Antennas sold separately (!!)


  • Legal to use worldwide, WITHOUT ANY LICENSE
  • 13dBm (25mW) of clean output power
  • RP-SMA connector, transmitter antenna sold separately
  • Fully compatible with 2.4GHz remote controls
  • World's smallest video transmitter: 40 x 19mm
  • 4 pin Molex Picoblade connector
  • Input voltage: 3.3V - 5V (TBS CORE compatible)
  • Transmitting frequencies: 5865, 5845, 5825, 5805, 5785, 5765, 5745, 5725 MHz
  • Weight 6.5g

Legal documentation

Bring this to your airfield to eliminate all doubts if you are operating legal equipment.

Regulatory Notice
The use of this product may be prohibited in your country/region/state. Please verify that the RF output power and frequencies used by this transmitter comply with local rules in regulations, this product may require a HAM license to operate.

In EU, max. output power of video transmitters for general unlicensed use is limited to 25mW on 5.8GHz and to 10mW at 2.4GHz frequency. Transmitters with bigger output power may be legally used if you have HAM license (you can ask about obtaining a license in your local radio club) or if you are using this product for research/scientific purposes in controlled environments.


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