TBS 1000kV Motor set (4 pcs.)

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  • 4x 1000kV Motor ultra light & efficient motor

For the more sophisticated, agile-flight loving pilot or for those requiring super-vibration-resistant and high quality motors. Combined with a huge lipo battery (4.5Ah 4S) and some Graupner Propellers you can fly the TBS DISCOVERY like a Zephyr, although with some sacrifice to flight times (6-8mins on 4S 3.3Ah, up to 11mins on 4.5Ah 4S). When flying gently & hovering flight times should be 1-2 minutes longer compared to 900 kV2 motors.

The motors

Where do we start with this motor? It deliver excellent performance for a quad the size of the DISCOVERY (1.4kg - 2kg). Full throttle at over 55A and the quad is out of sight within 10 seconds on a steep vertical climb. The build finish is of remarkable quality, the ball bearings are firm and durable and the reverse prop mount - made specifically for quadrocopters - finishes off this motor.

Package contents

Surely a power system for the more sophisticated and agile quad pilot.

  • 4x 1000kV Motor ultra light & efficient motor

Note: Propellers not included. We suggest Graupner E-Props 9x5 or 10x5 for this drive system. You need 2 clockwise, and 2 counter-clockwise propellers.


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