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The TBS DISCOVERY quadcopter is a durable and crash resistant multirotor optimized for dynamic FPV flight. By implementing the wiring into the frame, the copter is easy to build and outperforms similar quads in terms of FPV range and video link quality. The DJI Flamewheel arms as predetermined breaking point protect your electronics and are easily replaceable in the field.

The TBS DISCOVERY comes as two main boards (top and bottom) and optional flamewheel arms with accessories. It transforms the popular F450 (Flamewheel) into a spider quadrotor. The GoPro and FPV camera mount is placed ideally for "no prop in view" pictures.

The TBS CORE can be placed directly onto the frame or we can also do that for you. The frame's features:

  • TBS CORE pre-wired incl. sockets for Plug&Play VTx and Camera (e.g. TBS59, TBS69) installation
  • 100A Current Sensor installed on the board. Built for the TBS CORE or similar OSDs.
  • GoPro and FPV camera mounts
  • Power Distribution Board (PDB)
  • Traces and pads for clean RC receiver to Flight Control wiring
  • RSSI trace to the TBS CORE

Kit contents:

  • TBS DISCOVERY top & bottom plates
  • 4x Flamewheel F450 Arms (black)
  • Short Servo Extensions
  • RF Tin Shield
  • 25mW or 200mW 5.8G video transmitter
  • TBS 59 FPV Camera
  • Cloverleaf VTx antenna
  • Fatshark Dominator Video Goggles
  • 5.8G Receiver with 5dbi patch antenna
  • 750kV Motor, 30A ESC and Graupner E-Prop set (4 each)

Required for flight:

  • Flight Control (DJI Naza)
  • R/C Receiver
  • R/C Transmitter
  • Battery


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