SkyZone 3D HD video Goggles with 3D camera & TX v2.0 (Demo Unit)

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The new firmware of V2 version solved IPD adjustment and head track software problems.

SKYZONE 3D FPV goggles belong to the next generation FPV equipment.Try 3D FPV while others are still flying in 2D!The goggles are integrated with dual 5.8G receiving modules.By using with the newly designed3D FPV camera and Transmitter,the player can enjoy perfect 3D wireless video with the 3D FPVgoggles,adding an extraordinary realistic feeling to FPV.The working theory of the 3D FPV goggles is based on 4 groups(8 Channels) 5.8G wireless video.Each group of video consists two different 5.8G channels that can be seperatedly displayed onthe 2 monitors of the goggles.In this way, the viewer can have a realistic feeling just likeseeing something with bare eyes.

-600mw x2 VTX-3D/2D  mode (Diversity in 2D mode)
-Built-in DVR with playback-Built-in 32CH 5.8G receivers
-Built-in non-drift & self-calibrating head tracking (New 6 axis gyro, inertial and compass)
-Built in Dual 854X480(WVGA) Monitors-Built-in external camera (640X480)
-AV in/AV out/Earphone socket (with volume control)
-Adjustable Interpupillary and Diopter for eyes
-Adjustable brightness and contrast-Max four 3D FPV users at the same field-FOV 35°

Purchase Includes:
-1*SkyZone 3D FPV Goggle
-1*Goggle Carry Case
-1*SKY301 Camera
-1*SKY201 Transmitter
-4*5.8G 2dBi Antenna
-1*Futaba Data Cable
-1*JR Data Cable
-1*WFLY Data Cable
-1*AV Cable
-1*Power Cable
-1*2P TX Power Cable
-1*6P Camera Cable
-2*3P TX Remote Controller Cable

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