SkySurfer (1.500mm) FPV/UAV Glider PnP

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This airplane comes in PNP configuration (with included motor, ESC, propeller and servos). All you need is radio gear /RX, TX) and battery.
Flying will be much more fun&easy if you install one of our autopliot systems.

Simple Introduction:
EPO 1500mm Skysurfer FPV Glider PNP Version
Model #    1500mm FPV Glider

Technical Data
Wing Span --- 1480mm(58.3in)    
Length --- 992 mm(39.0in)    
Weight --- 690 g(24.4 oz.)    
Material --- EPO    
Propeller --- 5*5 2 blade    
R/C System --- 4ch - 6 ch or more recommended for use with autopilot
Li-Poly Battery --- 11.1v 1300-2200 MAh
ESC --- 20A Brushless
Servo --- 9g * 4pcs
Brushless Motor --- D2604-KV1950

1- Completely factory assembled, fuselage with pre-installed motor
2- large cabin for FPV gear instalation
3- Detachable main wing and tail wing, no glue required for assemble, only screw driver
4- Carbon tube and wood construction inside body to enhance the fuselage
5- Fuselage / wings were made of strong durable Shock Crash Resistant EPO Reinforced material
6- Full spare parts and accessories are available

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