SIS NightQuad ARF for OneDrone

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Main Features:
  • Can fly 24/7 any hour any weather. 
  • Over 20 min. of flight time with standard packs
  • Specialy designed for night missions. 
  • Extreme aerobatic performance.
  • Free of RF noise for extended range (linear regulators).
  • Filtered 12v power for best video quality.
  • Numerous multicolor light patterns
  • Both 5v and 12V camera supported. 
  • Aerodynamic canopy can push this quad to amazing 70kph (43.5mph).
  • Gopro friendly with props free picture.
  • Advanced anti-vibration grommets for better video recording.
  • Amazing look like no other
  • Can fly in light rain or snow
  • Lightweight for excellent  performance

 NightQuad is engineered for extreme FPV flight. You can fly it 24/7 almost any weather condition. Rigid and lightweight frame will offer you best performance in the acrobatic flying.  Over 20 minutes of flight time with standard packs. State of the art 8 x RGB LED strip driver with many light patterns that makes this quad amazing during night flight. Led strips can also show low voltage and current flight mode.  Frame made of CNC cut aluminum and G10 parts are easy and fast to assemble. Camera mount with built-in anti-vibration grommets for better video capture. Included canopy for great look and light snow & rain protection.

* Main board with built-in distribution board and connectors for receiver and camera.
* Motor and ESC can be easy soldered directly to main board. 
* Holes already made for velcro straps to hold your battery in place. 
* Easy to solder RGB LED strips on the main plate so no cables are required. 
RGB led strip can be soldered directly in to main plate. Choose your own color and many different patterens how led strips will act and how bright they shine. Numerus LED color combinaions are easy selecatble with just two buttons.

Included in package:
* 1x Main board with distribution connections
* 1x Electonic board with LED driver and video filters
* 4x brushless motor with prop adapter included 2213-935KV
* 4 x propeller 10x4.7 (2 x CW and 2 x CCW)
* 4x ESC 12/16A 
* 2X Canopy (Black and Transparent)
* RGB led stripes for mounting on the quad
* G10 camera mount for GoPro & similar cameras  
* CNC G10 frame parts
* CNC Aluminum parts (2 x main support. 4 x motor arms)
* Other parts (screws, grommets, spacers, nuts, ...) required for complete assembly.

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