Gremsy Smart Battery 4S - 3400 - for H7/H16

Gremsy Smart Battery 4S - 340...

The Gremsy Smart Battery was specially designed for the Gremsy H16/H7.  It has a capacity of 34..

124.90€ Ex Tax: 102.38€

Gremsy T1/T3 - Circular Damping Set

Gremsy T1/T3 - Circular Dampin...

This is a very small form factor and light weight damping system suitable for T1/T3 . It can be moun..

249.90€ Ex Tax: 204.84€

Gremsy T1/T3 - Universal Mounting Plate

Gremsy T1/T3 - Universal Mount...

The T1/T3 - Universal Mounting Plate when used with Hyper Quick Release, Smart Battery gMount, Smart..

79.90€ Ex Tax: 65.49€

Gremsy T1/T3 - Hyper Quick Release

Gremsy T1/T3 - Hyper Quick Rel...

New mechanical and electrical integration quick release features spring contacts and abili..

199.90€ Ex Tax: 163.85€

Gremsy T1/T3 - Mounting Camera Support

Gremsy T1/T3 - Mounting Camera...

This plate helps you to mount the Sony RX100, Flir Vue, Vue Pro ..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.10€

Gremsy T3 v2 Camera Stabilizer for Aerial Inspections

Gremsy T3 v2 Camera Stabilizer...

Inherit the dominant technologies of Gremsy T1, we created a lightweight gimbal Gremsy T3 ready to f..

1,523.78€ Ex Tax: 1,249.00€

Pix4D AG Precision Agriculture Software

Pix4D AG Precision Agriculture...

Aerial Crop Analysis Pix4Dag converts multispectral images into accurate reflectance and index maps..

157.38€ Ex Tax: 129.00€

Pix4D BIM Building Information Management Software

Pix4D BIM Building Information...

Visualize, measure and verify as-built data of your siteusing flexible image processing options on e..

486.78€ Ex Tax: 399.00€

Flir DUO PRO R 640 (30Hz) Radiometric Thermal & Visual Camera System

Flir DUO PRO R 640 (30Hz) Radi...

25 mm camera on stock.Note: FLIR Duo PRO R cameras are made in EU and are not ITAR ..

8,499.90€ Ex Tax: 6,967.13€

Flir DUO PRO R 336 (30Hz) Radiometric Thermal & Visual Camera System

Flir DUO PRO R 336 (30Hz) Radi...

Pre-order: delivery of first batch is expected for mid February 2018.Note: FLIR Duo..

5,799.90€ Ex Tax: 4,754.02€

 FeiyuTech Vimble-C 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal with Vertical Mode

FeiyuTech Vimble-C 3-Axis Sma...

Description:Model: Vimble cSize: 116*108.85*245mmHeight of fixture: 55~80mmWeight: 420gAdjustable wi..

159.90€ Ex Tax: 131.07€

Feiyu A1000 3-Axis Gimbal (fo...

Product Model a series Mirrorless Camera Gimbal ..

419.90€369.89€Ex Tax: 303.19€

Feiyu A2000 3-Axis Gimbal &...

The Feiyu A2000 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal offers unlimited 360° rotation along all three axes: pan, til..

899.90€599.90€Ex Tax: 491.72€

DJI Mavic New Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers 8331

DJI Mavic New Low-Noise Quick-...

The 8331 propellers have a brand new aerodynamic design giving the Mavic Pro series an..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 8.11€


Get Your Platinum Edition NOW, with new 60% quieterer Low Noise Propellers and new ESCs..

1,517.00€1,299.00€Ex Tax: 1,064.75€

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