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Programable digital to analog converter RSSI DAX for EzUHF( 0v - 5v ) or (0v -3.3v)

ImerssionRC EzUHF will output RSSI (Receiver signal strength indicator) or LQ (Link quality) in same “language” that RC servos understand. Very few OSDs support this format therefore our RSSI DAX will convert signal from EzUHF signal to analog voltage that almost any OSD will “understand”. RSSI DAX will convert Receiver signal strength or Link Quality into analog voltage. You can choose output voltage since some OSDs support 5v input and some support 3.3v input. RSSI DAX also have 2 LED that shows input and output strength and small button that is used to select operating mode and output voltage.

RSSI programable converter for EzUHF (DAX) is used to convert pwm signal that come from Immersion EZUHF receiver to 0v-5v or 0v-3.3v analog output so it can be used on any OSD as analog RSSI (Receiver Signal Strength Indicator) or LQ (link quality). 

Simply plug it in EZUHF receiver where you configure RSSI or LQ out channel (usually it is CH8 or CH4), on other side you plug it in your OSD.
Configure your osd that 0v is minimum RSSI or LQ and 5v or 3.3V is full or 100% RSSI or LQ.
If OSD doesn't have that option, you can plug it in second battery voltage input so RSSI or LQ is shown as volatage. 
0v to 5v (0v = 0%, 5v = 100%).

Please note that you have to setup your EzUHF receiver to output RSSI or LQ signal to specific output.

RSSI DAX comes with JR servo lead connector for input and output.
Total length with cables is 20 cm / 8 in.

After you power RSSI converter you have 6 seconds to enter programing mode. Power up RSSI converter. You will see current selected mode (see table below). Press and hold button for 3 seconds to enter in programing mode.
Short button press will change mode and long button press will save last selected mode and exit programing mode.

LED indicator Mode:

☼                  1 Blink      RSSI input  → Analog output 0v to 5v           
☼☼     2 Blink  Link quality → Analog output 0v to 5v
☼☼☼     3 Blink  RSSI input  → Analog output 0v to 3.3v
☼☼☼☼     4 Blink  Link quality → Analog output 0v to 3.3v

When converter is in operation, red LED will show you input signal strenght and green LED will show you output voltage.

RSSI DAX Manufacturer LINK


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