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Brand: DJI Model: DJI-I3-HUB
DJI Inspire 3 - TB51 Intelligent Battery Charging HubThe integrated, foldable battery charging hub strikes the optimum balance between charging efficiency and storage size. It can accommodate eight batteries. In Fast mode, it can charge two batteries to 90% in just 35 minutes, and eight batteries to..
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Brand: DJI Model: DJI-I3-RC
DJI RC Plus (Inspire 3)The 7-inch 1,200-nit high-bright monitor provides an extraordinary outdoor monitoring experience. There are several buttons and dials on the front, back, and top of the remote controller for fast operation. Button functions can be customized. When used together, the built-in b..
Ex Tax:1,240.08€
Brand: DJI Model: DJI-I3-TB51
DJI Inspire 3 - TB51 Intelligent BatteryThe TB51 Intelligent Battery is equipped with high-performance, high-energy battery cells to provide robust power, and it uses an advanced battery management system. It also optimizes low-temperature performance of the cell with a built-in auto-heating system ..
Ex Tax:285.98€
Brand: DJI Model: DJI-I3
DJI Inspire 3Master the UnseenAt the peak of aerial cinematography, DJI Inspire 3 offers unprecedented workflow efficiency, camera language, and creative freedom. This all-in-one 8K camera drone empowers professional-level filmmakers to fully maximize the potential of any shot and master the unseen...
Ex Tax:12,289.26€
Brand: DJI Model: DJI-I3-C
DJI Care Pro (DJI Inspire 3) 1 Year (Code)Purchasing condition Brand new and un-activated product Product activated within 48H Scenario CoveredUnlimited number of free repairs (within the Coverage limit): Water Damage, Collisions, FlyawayAnd Other Accidental DamageComponents CoveredAircraft, Remot..
Ex Tax:2,950.74€
DJI Inspire 3 RAW License
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Brand: DJI Model: DJI-I3-RL
DJI Inspire 3 RAW License..
Ex Tax:828.61€
Brand: DJI Model: DJI-I3-FQRP
DJI Inspire 3 - Foldable Quick-Release Propellers (Pair)Each propeller blade has been put under precise dynamic balancing tests to increase aerodynamic efficiency and output less noise. CompatibilityInspire 3 In the Box:1x Inspire 3 Foldable Quick-Release Propellers (Pair)..
Ex Tax:57.30€
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