RC Shutter for Sony Multi Terminal Cameras (RM-VPR1 Compatible)

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RC Shutter for Sony Cameras (Newer 2014) If your camera has Multi Termianal Port and RM-VPR1 remote commander compatible you can use this shutter. 
This shutter has 3 funtion. ON-OFF, ZOOM (2 zoom speed), REC Start-Stop and Capture.

You may need remove cover of multi terminal input on some cameras for use 90 degree right angle plug.
On-Off function may not work on some cameras.

Channel 1:
CH1 used for Camera ON-OFF function. 

UP    -  Camera ON
DOWN    -   Camera OFF

Channel 2:
This channel use for RECStart Stop/Take Picture.

UP   -  Take Picture
CENTER   -  IDLE (stop recording)
DOWN   -   (start recording)

Channel 3:
CH3 use for Zoom function. Zoom function support 2 zoom speed.
We recommended stick (like as throttle)

Out channel is use for LED indicator on following status. 

Continuous Flash while recording.
Single Flash when take picture



This product is suitable for Sony cameras produced from 2014 onwards. If your camera has Multi-Terminal port and if you are not sure about workng RM-VPR1 compatiblity, please email to us. 

Compatible Camera Models: 
A3000, A3500J, A5000, A5100, A58, A6000, A6000L, A6000Y, A6000Z, A7, A7 II, A7K, A7R, A7RII, A7S, A77MII, A77MIIM, A77MIIQ, DSC-HX300, DSC-HX400, DSC-HX50, DSC-HX60, DSC-HX90, DSC-RX10, DSC-RX100MII, DSC-RX100MIII, DSC-WX500, ILCE-5000, NEX-3N, QX1, AZ1VR

Compatible Camcorder Models :
AX1VR, HDR-MV1, DEV-50, FDR-AX33/B, FDR-AXP33, FDR-AXP33, FDR-AXP33E, FDR-AXP35, HDR-CX240, HDR-CX240E, HDR-CX330, HDR-CX405, HDR-CX540, HDR-CX610E, HDR-PJ240, HDR-PJ240E, HDR-PJ270 /E, HDR-PJ275, HDR-PJ320E, HDR-PJ330E, HDR-PJ340B, HDR-PJ410, HDR-PJ530, HDR-PJ540E, HDR-PJ610E, HDR-PJ620,

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