U7 2.0 420 KV

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U7 V2.0 are the same motors now as KW12 are.

U7 motors are made specially for multirotors for high requirements for high power system focusing on unparalleled reliability, durability, high power and high efficiency. Motors can operate in extreme climate conditions and are also dirt resistant and waterproof. The new self-cooling system takes care off old overheating problems which we all experienced in past. This are intended for real heavy lift copters with extreme conditions.

Scope of delivery:
1x U7 V2.0 - 420 KV
1x 6mm standard prop adapter
1x 8mm insert for prop adapter
1x T-prop adapter

For all that want to know specifications: 
KW12 pro is rebranded T- MOTOR U7 made by Kopterworx specifications. 
We recommend using them with 18 inch T-PROP on 6S where trust is 2000 g on 50% throttle.

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