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Our good friends over at Team White Llama have spent a lot of their spare time alpha- and beta-testing the TBS DISCOVERY. Through their testing they have come up with a very sweet Motor/ESC combination that we're offering for sale as a complete package now. This is the system that was flown in most TBS DISCOVERY videos by Trappy due to its long flight times (10-12mins on 4S 3.3Ah).

The motors

The motors are very robust and durable, designed to shine on the black TBS DISCOVERY frame. 2830 size motors with up to 160W of continuous power (translates to 10A on 4S - per motor!) at just 52g weight. This is the motor of choice for long range and regular cruise flights.

The ESCs

The ESCs are completely re-designed by Team BlackSheep. Flashed with the famous SimonK OpenSource Firmware for better throttle response. This translates into a very well-balanced motor system which givey you longer flight times and a more "locked in" flying quad. The ESCs do not overheat, burn or lock out - unlike other "SimonK" ESCs.

Package contents

Surely a power system for the more sophisticated and agile quad pilot.

  • 4x TBS DISCOVERY 30A ESC (flashed with SimonK Firmware)
  • 4x 750kV Motor with M5 prop mount hubs

Note: Propellers not included. We suggest Graupner E-Props 9x5 or 10x5 for this drive system. You need 2 clockwise, and 2 counter-clockwise propellers.

Important: TBS respects the developments of SimonK and donates generously from the proceeds of the sales.


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