EMAX Power Hungry PHS-16 Power Distribution board - 600A

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The Power Hungry distribution circuit is one of the easiest ways to inteconnect the motor electronic speed controllers with the power battery.
It brings a concrete answer to multi-rotor powering by proposing a strong and reliable solution that gives to your wiring a really structured and elegant appearance.The Power Hungry system is composed by two plates connecting on each of the poles of the battery. Systems with two batteries are also supported. To complete the package, 8 x 10AWG (approx. 5.2 mm ²) cablesare also provided in the kit to connect the main plates to the battery (s).

This circuit can handle in total a current up to 500Acontinuously and up to 600 A in peak.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Copper plates nickel and gold-plated
  • Amperage: 500A continuously and up to 600A in peak
  • 3.5mm bullet connectors
  • Installation holes (MikroKopter layout, distance: 45 x 45mm)

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 Power Hungry plates (1 for positive and 1 for negative)
  • 8 10xGauge wire leads per plate
  • 16 Motor Ports
  • An acrylic continuity standoff attached to one of the power boards (to keep plates separated)
  • female bullet plugs per-soldered to Power Hungry plates
  • male bullet connectors for ESC connection
  • 2  auxiliary solder points for auxiliary power
  • Standoffs kit
  • Decals
Reasons Professional Installers Like To Use The Power Hungry System:

1. Reliable
2. Speeds Up Build Time
3. Fast to replace ESC simply by unplugging and replace while on the job
4. Super high AMP capability, no heat build up
5. Keeps the build looking cleaner then ever
6. Light weight 6 ounces and that is including the 12 inch battery leads
7. Ready to install simply just plug and play

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