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OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF

OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF
OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF

Complete and Ready-to-fly system for geo survey applications

OneDrone SuperHero GEO RTF is a result of one year long testing and numerous imputs from geo surveyors ... but also firefighters, police forces, army and civil protection services. Equipped with powerful gimbal and camera, reliable autopilot system, industry-leading motors & equipment and auto-deploy rescue parachute represents perfect work tool for any geo surveyor. Total flying weight with 16.000 6S battery is 5,5 kg and offers up to 28 minutes of operational flight time. With smaller battery (10.000 6S) flying weight can go below 5 kg (cruicial for countries with 5 kg weight limit) and flight time is still up to 20 minutes.

Each system is made on demand and can be customized to fit your needs 100%.

Perfectly designed and quality frame
OneDrone SuperHero GEO RTF is based on proven Spyder frame, provided by Belgium based company Sky Hero. At we are working with Sky Hero from their start. In these couple of years we built great number of ready to fly Sky Hero sets for customers from all over the world. And all this time we were testing different propulsion sets, autopilots, electronic equipment, video gear with just one goal ... to make optimal Sky Hero. OneDrone SuperHero GEO RTF is the final result of all these efforts.

Great flight times:
Optimal choice of the motors, ESCs and props ... together with lowest possible weight is cruicial to achieve great flight times. Sky Hero X4-850 black is equiped with super efficient 16" carbon T-props, paired with specially tuned KW9 (T-Motor 4014-400) motors and professional T-Motor 40A ESCs. Flight times with 16.000 6S battery are up to 28 minutes .... with gimbal, camera, FPV, telemetry and rescue parachute installed. More than enough also for the most demanding tasks.


X4 configuration guarantees best possible flight times ... but no redundancy. If one of four motor fails, copter can't stay in the air any more. To minimize the possibility of failure we choose just the best components available. High class T-Motor carbon props, motors and ESCs .... and proven 3DR Pixhawk 32-bit flight controller, which turned out as bulletproof when paired with the right firmware. In test periode we made more than 200 hours of flying without any single incident.
For those who need even greater level of reliability, we developed also extremely optimized X8 configuration, which incorporates eight super efficiency motors, paired with 15" carbon props and offers completely the same flight time as X4 configuration.

Integrated Parachute System

To even minimize the possibility of mishaps, OneDrone SuperHero GEO RTF is be equipped also with specially designed parachute system from Opale parachutes.

Custom components:

Sky Hero designed great frames ... but we still found quite some place from improvements. All OneDrone SuperHero GEO RTF copters are equipped with skeleton top plates, which helps keep weight dow and simplifies the access to the vital electronic components. Special aluminium milled motor mounts give extra strenghth and security ... and helps keep motor running cool even in thoughest environments. Original Sky Hero innertic mount is cool, but absolutely not suitable for big and heavy batteries with 2 kg and more. So we completely redesigned battery mounting plate and all the mountings to achieve optimal performance. OneDrone SuperHero GEO RTF comes with standard and long landing gears.

Standard configuration X4/X8

- 1x Sky Hero Spyder X4-850 GEO Edition
- 1x 3DR Pixhawk flight Controller + uBlox GPS module
- 1x 3DR RadioTelemetry Kit-433Mhz
- 1x Futaba T14SG
- 1x Gens Ace 16.000 mAh 6S 22,2V 25/50C
- 1x iCharger 406Duo 1400W 40A 6S
- 1x E-Fuel Mega Power NEW (30V-50A)
- 1x FPV downlink (TX, diversity monitor, instalation)
- 1x 3-axis gimbal for Sony RX100 camera with HDMI converter
- 1x Parachute system (assembly, instalation)
- 1x Assembly, testing & FC programming


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