OneDrone Mini H180 Carbon FPV Racer Kit

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Features: 100% Brand New and High Quality This carbon fiber 4 Axes Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame is characterized by its lightweight, small size, long time of endurance and easy refit. And, it is specially designed for the new players and also perfectly suitable for the senior player to professional DIY. Moreover, the thickness of Carbon Fiber fuselage is 1.5mm and the thickness of lower plate is 3.0mm, which can guarantee the flying ability of the Quadcopter and effectively reduce the shake; the fuselage is integrated by the aluminum alloy pillar (red) to guarantee its intensity. With compact portable design This allows the players to compete with larger quadcopters, while being smaller and agile


Materials: Carbon Fiber

Wheelbase: 180mm

Lower plate thickness: 3mm

Weight: 85g

Package weight:124 g

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