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Flying with modern multicopters is pretty easy and basics can be learned in couple of hours/days. Flying RC controlled planes is a bit more demanding. For all who want to learn FPV flying with planes, we put together special combo which will make your first steps in RC plane flying much easier. We took well proven beginners airframe as a platform, added stabilization system for easier flying and equipped it with compact TR1 camera system with embedded 200mW video transmitter. In this kit you will find also custom made pods for camera, battery and all included electronics equipment. Added TBS LC Filter will ensure crystaly clear video downlink without interferences from motor and ESC.

Airframe information
Airframe is made of very resistant EPO foam (it can survive hard landings and light crashes without major problems). Even at harder crashes (when some foam components are torn apart), damage can usualy be quick & simply fixed with CA glue and kicker. Plane is very stable and predictive in flight with airfoil, which is perfect for beginners. It comes with two different cabins (one for visual flying and seconf for FPV) and custom made extternal pod for FPV camera and internal pod for flight elecrtonics and flight battery. We recommend GensAce 2200 mAh 3S batteries, which will ensure more than 30 minutes of flight time (combined motor flying+gliding).

Technical Data
Wing Span --- 1480mm(58.3in)    
Length --- 992 mm(39.0in)    
Weight --- 690 g(24.4 oz.)    
Material --- EPO    
Propeller --- 5*5 2 blade    
R/C System --- 4ch - 6 ch or more recommended for use with autopilot
Li-Poly Battery --- 11.1v 1300-2200 MAh
ESC --- 20A Brushless
Servo --- 9g * 4pcs
Brushless Motor --- D2604-KV1950

1- Completely factory assembled, fuselage with pre-installed motor
2- large cabin for FPV gear instalation
3- Detachable main wing and tail wing, no glue required for assemble, only screw driver
4- Carbon tube and wood construction inside body to enhance the fuselage
5- Fuselage / wings were made of strong durable Shock Crash Resistant EPO Reinforced material
6- Full spare parts and accessories are available

Camera and video TX
We picked proven TR1 system which combines FPV camera, movie recorder and 5.8GHz 200mW video transmitter (video in SD quality is transmitted to the groundstation for FPV flying and HD video is simoultanously recorded to Micro SD card, which can be put in camera). Everything is neatly packed in alu box, which prevents interferences and you won't have to deal with cable hanging all around. All you have to do is connect one power cable to prepared connecor in the airframe. With "Long Range Antenna Combo" you can expect video transmition range of 1,5 km and more.

HD Camera & Transmitter  TR1 (powered by Boscam)
Video sensor: 1/3CMOS
Effective pixel: 5.0 Megapixels
Lens: Fixed focus, f=2.6mm, angle of view=130°
Exposure control: Automatic
White balance: Automatic
Dynamic video: 4:3 1440*1080 ( 30fps )
Recording medium: high-speed Micro SD card, Max. 32GB supported, avi
Multifunctional USB port: USB2.0 high-speed communication port; DC input
Multifunction port: DC12V input, AV output
Dimensions: Approx. 36*47*45mm L/W/T
Weight: Approx. 42g
Operating temperature: -10℃-60℃
Transmitter power: 200mW/23dBm
Transmitter Frequency: 5645-5945MHz, 8CH
Antenna Connector: RP-SMA

Flight stabilizer
FY-40A, which is included in FPV Trainer set, has an integrated three-axis gyro and three-axis accelerometer which controls the aircraft movement in three-dimensional space. Installation is very simple.By using your remote control, the unit can be turned on or off for the following functions:
Mode 1: Deactivated Mode ——In this mode, the FY-40Aauto stabilization is turned off. The aircraft is completely under pilot control.
Mode 2: Stabilized Mode —— Level flight is automatically maintained, making flight simple, especially for beginners. If a pilot feels the plane is out of control, simply reduce input control and the plane will automatically recover level flight.
Mode 3: 3D Mode ——If no input is given by the pilot (all sticks in the middle position), 3D mode will lock the current aircraft attitude. Therefore the aircraft can be easily maneuvered to complete a variety of 3D flight with added stability & smoothness.

FY-40A is used only for stabilization ... so it doesn't support "return to home" function if the signal is lost. If you need also "return to home" functionality, you can choose upgrade to "FY-DOS autopilot + GPS" from options above.
Upgraded to FY-DOS+GPS, plane will automatically come home when the signal is lost ... or when "return to home" function is triggered from your RC.

What else do you need?
In general "OneDrone FPV Trainer (1.500mm) ARF" includes all "in the air" equipment, except battery and RC RX. If you don't have any RC gear yet, you will need also need "ground" equipment - RC system (radio & RX), video monitor or/and goggles with embedded diversity video receiver and battery charger. All recommended equipment can be found above in "options" section near the plane photos.

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