OneDrone 5G8 FPV Pro combo

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Set includes: 400mwTX, LCD almighty diversity autosearch with build in battery, professional PROTECTED cloverleaf/planar/helix antennas.

Perfect set for long range video transmition and perfect for Phantom users. No more cables and figure out which channel is right one.

5.8G 400mW Wireless AV Transmitter:
Transmitter Frequency / Channel Amount:5705-5945MHz / 8CH
Output Power:400mW/25dBm
Transmission Distance: Min. 3KM line of sight
Frequency Control:Built-in frequency & phase lock loop
AV input:bAnalog AV signal input
ANT connector:SMA (needle inside)
Power Supply: DC 7-12 volts
Current Supply:300mA
Size: 55*26*17mm
Net weight:43g
Gross weight:52g

7" FPV LCD monitor with 5.8 Almighty Diversity RX with built-in battery!!! - NEW autosearch function

Are you tired of choosing right 5.8 frequency band. One transmitter on one frequency, second on other, video goggles on third ... frustration guaranteed. You can solve all this issues with one almighty RX: receiver which will handle all of your 5.8G transmitters.

Stop dealing with frequencies. Start flying!


² Built-in 5.8Ghz Dual diversity receiver automatically for best reception
² Built-in 2CH 5.8Ghz AV output and 1CH AV input
² Built-in high performance Li-POLYMER Battery: 2450mAH/7.4V
² Work status OSD display : RSSI indication ; Battery indicator; Channel indication
² A key to automatic signal search
² Support Chinese and English menu
² Size: 180mm x 120mm x 50mm(Note: Sunshield height: 28mm)
² Working Voltage: DC  7~16V
² Power Consumption: 650 mA @12V
² Battery charging current : 850mA @12V ( max )
² Working temperature: -10℃~+ 65 ℃
² Built-in Dual Receiver Automatically for best reception Automatic Antenna Switching
² Dual buffered AV outputs
² Can receive 2 different channels at the same time
² Not affect by 2.4GHz R/C Radios
² AV Receiver with Diversity inputs
² Small, light weight, durable
² 4 Bands and total 32 Channels
² Built-in battery , easy to carry and outdoor use
² A key to automatic signal search,Simple operation
² Work status OSD display:Always be aware of the device working condition.
Display Parameters:
² Screen size: 7”
² Screen type: TFT LCD Screen/long life, LED backlight
² Resolution: 800*480
² Brightness: 450cd/m2
² View Angle: 140/120degree (Horizontal/Vertical)
Band and Channel selection
CH 1
CH 2
CH 3
CH 4
CH 5
CH 6
CH 7
CH 8
5865 MHZ
5845 MHZ
5825 MHZ
5805 MHZ
5785 MHZ
5765 MHZ
5745 MHZ
5725 MHZ
5733 MHZ
5752 MHZ
5771 MHZ
5790 MHZ
5809 MHZ
5828 MHZ
5847 MHZ
5866 MHZ
5705 MHZ
5685 MHZ
5665 MHZ
5645 MHZ
5885 MHZ
5905 MHZ
5925 MHZ
5945 MHZ
5740 MHZ
5760 MHZ
5780 MHZ
5800 MHZ
5820 MHZ
5840 MHZ
5860 MHZ
5880 MHZ



OneDrone 5,8 Cloverleaf/Plannar Kit RP-SMA- PROTECTED

One of the best combo set in the world.

Specialy balanced and calibrated.

Package Content
- 4 lope antenna for receiver
- 3 lope antenna for transmitter

Frequency Range------------------------ 5725-5875 MHz
Impedance------------------------------- 50Ohm
VSWR------------------------------------- less than 1.5
Gain--------------------------------------- 2.5 dBi
Polarization------------------------------- RHCP
Radiation--------------------------------- Omni
Maximum Power Input-watts----------- 20 W

Mechanical Specifictions
Connector-------------------------------- SMA-J
Coaxial Cable---------------------------- RG316
Soft Cable length------------------------ 65mm

OneDrone 5.8 GHz Helical Antenna - 12dBi (SMA) - PROTECTED

This is a perfect antenna for long range 5.8G video flight, combined with the cloverleaf antenna.

Customized from biggest antenna factory in China, every antenna is carefully adjusted with professional instruments worth hundreds of thousands dollars, we bring in this awesome antenna with large quantity to make sure a reasonable price, at the meantime with excellent performance.


1* 7 turns helical antenna with SMA connector, super robust Au-Ag wire made, no worry about the strength

Regulatory Notice
The use of this product may be prohibited in your country/region/state. Please verify that the RF output power and frequencies used by this transmitter comply with local rules in regulations, this product may require a HAM license to operate.

In EU, max. output power of video transmitters for general unlicensed use is limited to 25mW on 5.8GHz and to 10mW at 2.4GHz frequency. Transmitters with bigger output power may be legally used if you have HAM license (you can ask about obtaining a license in your local radio club) or if you are using this product for research/scientific purposes in controlled environments.

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