OneDrone 5.8GHz Almighty Diversity RX32 (AutoScan)

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Are you tired of choosing right 5.8 frequency band. One transmitter on one frequency, second on other, video goggles on third ... frustration guaranteed. You can solve all this issues with one almighty RX: receiver which will handle all of your 5.8G transmitters.

Stop dealing with frequencies. Start flying!


NOTE: This RX works perfectly eith BOSCAM based TXs .... Airwave based Immersion frequencies are supported, but range can be affected (and picture sometimes distorted at the corners).

Working frequency :ISM 5.8Ghz, 32 channel
Automatic Switching Built-in Dual Receiver Automatically for best reception
Dual buffered AV outputs
Unique channel search function
Large input voltage range, Very low current consumption
LCD display, high brightness, very intuitive work status
Operating Voltage :+6.0V~+28.0V; Supply current <130mA/12V DC
Sensitivity:-92dBm (15dBuV)
Receiver connector: SMA jack; ANT connector: SMA plug
Weight:92g;gross weight: 285g; Dimensions (L x W x H):78x68x15mm

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