Naja (2.600mm) FPV/UAV Composite Platform KIT

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NAJA 2.6M UAV Platform
Fiber-glass 2.6M wingspan “H”-tail UAV Platform Kit
Model #    Naja 2.6M UAV

Technical Data
Wing Span --- 2600mm    
Length --- 2050mm    
Wing area --- 88dm2    
Material --- Fiber-Glass    
Flying Time --- About 2 hours    
Max. Takeoff Weight --- 15kg
Gasoline Engine --- 30-35cc
Playload --- About 4kg
Propeller --- 19*8 2 blade
Cruising Speed --- 35km-120km / hour
Empty Weight --- 6.5kg
*2 servos for aileron, 2 servos for rudder, 1 servo for elevator
*Huge Payload Capability up to 4kg
*Large Air Intake & Cooling Duct for engine
*Super large size cabin for FPV system
*Heavy Duty Carbon fiber Landing gear with Steerable Nose wheel
*Detachable main wings and tail wings, easy to install and un-install, convenient for transport.
* This set includes airframe, tail, wings and undercarriage parts - electronics & engine not included

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