MōVI M10 Full Cage Kit

MōVI M10 Full Cage Kit...

In about 30 minutes and with a few basic tools, you can outfit your  MōVI M10 with a full..

508.76€ Ex Tax: 417.02€

Movi M5/M10 adapter for DJI S1000 frame

Movi M5/M10 adapter for DJI S1...

For advanced DJI S1000 owners who want to have Movi M5/M10 gimbal attached with antivib. U can ..

258.88€ Ex Tax: 212.20€

MōVI M10 Handle Upgrade Kit

MōVI M10 Handle Upgrade Kit...

The MōVI M10 Handle Upgrade Kit brings added versatility to the MōVI M10 with the inclusion o..

401.38€ Ex Tax: 329.00€

Freefly MōVI GPS maxtenna

Freefly MōVI GPS maxtenna...

This high-performance helical antenna is helpful for shooting conditions where the GPS sky view is d..

96.38€ Ex Tax: 79.00€

Start/Stop Cable for RED Epic/Scarlet

Start/Stop Cable for RED Epic/...

The Start/Stop Cable for RED Epic/Scarlet adds remote start/stop capability for the RED Epic and Sca..

57.46€ Ex Tax: 47.10€

MōVI Dock

MōVI Dock

The compact, quick-folding MōVI Dock allows MōVI operators to keep their setup powered on while do..

352.58€ Ex Tax: 289.00€

Freefly MIMIC Beta Program

Freefly MIMIC Beta Program...

When the MōVI launched in 2013, Freefly enabled unrestricted camera movement in a way that wasn't p..

481.90€ Ex Tax: 395.00€

MōVI Wi-Fi Adapter

MōVI Wi-Fi Adapter

With the MōVI Wi-Fi Adapter, you can now connect a MōVI with an iOS device via a Wi-Fi connection...

141.40€ Ex Tax: 115.90€

MōVI Firmware Recovery Jumper

MōVI Firmware Recovery Jumper...

The MōVI Firmware Recovery Jumper allows for users to recover from an unsuccessful firmware update...

2.44€ Ex Tax: 2.00€

Freefly Universal Start/Stop Adapter

Freefly Universal Start/Stop A...

FREEFLY UNIVERSAL START/STOP ADAPTERThe Freefly Universal Start/Stop Adapter for the MōVI Controlle..

40.16€ Ex Tax: 32.92€

Freefly MōVI M15 - Super demo packet

Freefly MōVI M15 - Super demo...

Special packet of Movi M15, Demo model, used few times on shows - its like new without any scratch o..

6,330.99€ Ex Tax: 5,189.34€

Gremsy T1 bundle for FLIR Duo Pro R

Gremsy T1 bundle for FLIR Duo ...

This bundle supports you to install Flir Duo Pro R on Gremsy T1, beneath drone system and easil..

1,389.99€ Ex Tax: 1,139.34€

InfinityMRS Very lite - 2axis gimbal with encoders version 2.0

InfinityMRS Very lite - 2axis ...

InfinityMRS Lite – a universal, lightweight gimbal supporting cameras up to 500g for surveliance zoo..

902.62€ Ex Tax: 739.85€

InfinityMR 360 - 3axis gimbal with encoders

InfinityMR 360 - 3axis gimbal ...

It’s been a while since we had introduced you to the new product. So today is that day. Here it is –..

1,572.58€ Ex Tax: 1,289.00€

InfinityMR-S2 - 3axis gimbal with encoders

InfinityMR-S2 - 3axis gimbal w...

NEW version of succesfull Infinity MRS, stronger, lighter, better.В В Ready to use, initia..

1,047.98€ Ex Tax: 859.00€

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