InfinityMR 360 - 3axis gimbal with encoders

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It’s been a while since we had introduced you to the new product. So today is that day. Here it is – InfinityMR 360. The previous version, InfinityMR, is used by hundreds of users all over the world. We got a lot of feedback from you guys, and I am really thankful for all your input. We took to heart many of them, but one remark was the most important – freedom. Freedom of movement – unlimited rotation in the yaw axis combined with the unique performance of encoders. That is why we have developed the solution that meets your requirements – 12 channel slipring connector in the yaw axis motor. Right now you can power the gimbal using your multirotor battery. You can control all axes using your main receiver. You can pass video signal and camera shutter control to your main receiver and keep all the wires clean. In the end – you can keep the whole system lighter and more convenient, even for a two-man team.

Full specification here: click!


  • 32bit processor based on AlexMos technology combined with 3 absolute encoders
  • Operation modes: aerial mode, follow mode, fixed stabilization, underslung mode
  • S-bus / PPM / DSM receivers supported *
  • Built in 12channel slipring connector on the yaw axis.
  • Slipring connector supports: power source for the gimbal, radio control inputs (RC Yaw and RC Pitch or PPM / S-BUS / DSM), 2 x free additional channels (4 wires)
  • Operating voltage: 3-4 S lipo (12-16v).
  • Innovative Orbit damping system for effective vibration damping
  • Aluminum and carbon fibre construction
  • Powerful 28P motors on all axes to provide best torque and stabilization
  • Innovative Orbit damping system for better vibrations damping
  • Innovative lens support system for better stabilization and better camera mounting
  • Orbit damping system equipped with 12mm aluminum tube clamps and carbon rails for easy mounting on different multirotors
  • Fast and easy ballancing with  thumbscrews
  • Box-shape camera shelf allows to mount AV tx/ HDMI converters etc.
  • 3M DualLock system for additional equipment mounting
  • 100% Europe-based production
  • Compatible with AlexMos tuning software

Camera tray dimensions:

Maximum depth from the center of gravity on camera base plate: 75mm
Maximum height measured from top of camera base plate: 116mm
Maximum width: 159mm

Gimbal outer dimensions (including Orbit damping system):

235mm (W) x 211mm (D) x 257mm (H)

Gimbal weight:

Gimbal weight: 1081g excluding Orbit damping system (1245g including Orbit damping system)

Supported cameras: 

Maximum camera weight: 1.4kg weight including lens

Panasonic GH4 / Panasonic GH3 / Sony A7S / Sony A7R II / BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera / Sony A6000 / Sony A6300 / Canon 5D MKI-III (maximum weight of lens using Canon 5D MKI-III is 420g).

Basic package includes:

  1. InfnityMR ready to use out of the box
  2. Camera bolt
  3. Orbit damping system
  4. USB cable
  5. 3M DualLock x 2pcs
  6. Shipping box

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