Long Range Antenna Set (Yuneec Q500)

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Product Description

This kit is designed for all Yuneec quadcopters using the ST-10 and ST-10+ controller for ranges of 4,000 ft. Remember these antennas need to have the tips pointed at the quadcopter.
What is included in this kit:

1x u.fl to rp-sma female cable (rg-178 coax) 9cm long (for 2.4ghz rc control antenna)
1x u.fl to rp-sma female cable (rg-178) 20 cm long for 5.8GHz wi-fi antenna (video)
1x 2.4GHz Half Sphere helix 9dBi LHCP (to extend rc range)
1x 5.8GHz  LHCP 4.25 turns 5.8ghz helix antenna (to extend wi-fi/video range)

It’s VERY important to aim these antennas correctly.

*To aim them correctly , you need to think of the long helix antenna as if it were the barrel of a gun and you are trying to shoot your drone down aiming at it with the gun.. that’s how you obtain the max distance, although aiming angles of +- 40 degrees can be used with a bit of a loss of signal strength. Please rotate the the antenna array in a way that it’s not pointing up at the sky but rather it’s pointing in front of you towards the horizon so  you can aim at the copter with it.

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