Long Range Antenna Set (3DR SOLO) V2

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  • OD-fpvlr-solo
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Product Description

This is the new higher gain version of the popular FPVLR kit for 3DR Solo. Beamwidth is 60 degrees measured at -3dB… gain is a healthy and real 10.5dBi and 3 miles has been recorded in absolutely pefect conditions with no amps.
Typical distance will be 1.5-2 miles in decent area with open spaces and medium to low humidity.

You can order different colors just by asking for it in the comments section of the order at checkout.

All answers about FPVLR antennas can be found in this FPVLR ANTENNAS OWNERS GROUP

Please join in and let’s create a great place with FAQ and Knowledge Base and a great group of friends with our own interests!

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