TBS tuned Lawmate 2.4GHz Video RX

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  • LM-RX-24TBS
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Everyone knows that range comes from optimizations on the receiving end. The lawmate products are known throughout the world for outstanding performance and quality. After several iterations of testing, Team BlackSheep managed to improve the receiver sensitivity with an optimized SAW filter, which gives you another 1.5db to 2db of gain without any negative impacts. It's like using a better antenna!

TBS' main electronic masterminds open the receiver up for you, replace the included SAW filter and test the system.


  • Tuned, laser-etched video receiver
  • A/V Cable with male Cinch ends
  • Power chord
  • Swivel 3dbi "rubber duckie" antenna

Supported frequencies

CH1 2410 MHz
CH2 2430 MHz
CH3 2450 MHz
CH4 2470 MHz
CH5 2370 MHz
CH6 2390 MHz
CH7 2490 MHz
CH8 2510 MHz

If you're having problems setting up your video system, please check our fool-proof checklist.


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