KW9 pro motor

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  • KW-mo-9
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We are proudly present KW9 - New series of motors made specialy for Multirotors.
For the most demanding customers who wants top quality.

- Low RPM - 330 kV
- Low consumption
- Low weight only 155g
- 2 big special Japanese EZO ball bearings serie 6
- 3 prop adapters 6mm, 8mm and adapter for original S800 props with special Nuts.
- Multi holes to fit almost everywhere.
- All black with 700mm silicon cables and 3,5mm bullet connectors.
- Not to mention all black color.

Maximum thrust is 3,2 Kg.
On 6s with 15x6 props with 5A consumption u will get 1,1 kg of trust.
With 6s and 16x6 props with 6,5A consumption u will get almost 1,3 kg of thrust.

This is even perfect replacement for S800 motors but with almost 30% more power.

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